It’s Better Not To Practice Lightning

Now you are all dead in my hands. 스포츠토토핫 Readers who have thought this while sharpening their knives the night before a match with their rivals should raise their hands. What was the result the next day? Did you beat your opponent thinly? If you really did, you must be a talented golfer. The kind of golfer who practices without skipping a day.

Wow! You sweated a lot on the day of the round because it didn’t work out? It must have been. Few golfers have had fun practicing thunderstorms. It has no choice but to do so.

It was eight years ago. Kim Yong-joon, a Korean professional golfer, challenged to become a KPGA pro at the age of well over 40. It’s a story that any lover already knows that fell twice and managed to pass the third time.

It was the last day of October 2015, when I took on that third challenge. At that time, Babbird Kim, who is not yet a professional, has now risen to the stage of becoming a professional if he plays well for a day.

He passed the first and second rounds of the preliminary round with excellent performance. On the first day of the finals, he performed well over strong winds. How strong the wind was, he was able to finish 21st in the same group even though he hit 7 over par. Up to 45th place is passing. It’s a situation where you only have to do well on the last day of the finals. How good would it have been if the plover had a good night’s sleep, ate well, and walked lightly to the venue?

But that wasn’t the case at all. My body was full of muscles. It was like putting a piece of rock on my shoulder. It was also due to the fact that I barely slept the night before. But there was a bigger reason why my body was heavy.

After finishing the match the previous day, Baep-sae had dinner and went to the driving range. I thought I should practice a few things. I was pretty good in the rankings, but I was disappointed after struggling against the wind. I wanted to practice sending driver tee shots low. He awakens his sense of punch shot, which he was proud of doing well.

The peepbird practiced for 90 minutes that evening. It’s just a power game. How cool the ball is! The corners of the mouth went up on their own. I was so excited that I forgot that I was exhausted from playing in the strong wind and hit the ball again and again. He didn’t care about the fatigue he had accumulated from holding a hotel near the venue and cutting a knife for more than a month by himself. Full of confidence, Pabbirds returned to their accommodation. At that time, the idea that Bae-sae thought was, Finally, I’m becoming a professional golfer! At that time, Kim, a babe, was unaware of the basics of exercise, let alone sports physiology.

What kind of mojiri practices so hard on the eve of an important match! That’s also at night. It was discovered after a long time that fatigue substances would come out if the body moved a lot. When you exercise, you get the hormone epinephylene. It is a hormone that prevents you from feeling tired right now. This is also called adrenaline. When the body secretes fatigue hormones, it is difficult to feel tired or sick. You would have seen the footballer get up and run even though he was kicked hard. If you think you’re seriously injured but you keep playing like you don’t care.

By the way, the player who was busy is going to be hospitalized after the game? Isn’t it a fake disease? It’s not like that at all. This is the magic that fatigue hormones create. Fatigue or pain that you don’t feel right now due to fatigue hormones comes the next day. Sometimes, they’re all over the place the next day. It is so-called delayed pain. It is typical to feel severe muscle pain a day or two after visiting the mountain.

The severe muscle pain and fatigue he experienced on the last day of the professional selection finals were also like that. At the end of the day, I didn’t miss a day for more than a month, and I woke up early in the morning and practiced until the sun went down! Was there a talent to endure a pepbird, not a cast iron?

Looking back, the plover was already suffering from severe muscle pain. Was there a point for the babbirds to know that if they exercised for three or four days, they needed a good rest for a day or two to get rid of the fatigue accumulated in their muscles? I just thought I should imprint my swing on my body.

On the last day of the finals, the babbirds didn’t show any of their skills. The driver tee shot has a significant reduction in distance. I couldn’t swing it at all because the long iron I had to hold against the wind was heavy. Long irons are long irons. Three to five times are called long irons. When Choi Byung-bok, a senior professional, said, If you feel that No. 6 is also a long iron, you still have to hit it with a long iron until No. 5.

Let’s go back to the last day of the finals. It was a miracle that the bapbird, who had a lot of small bones with betting golf, managed to solve the game by holding a couple of clubs long. Young people also benefited from the strong winds that would have been around 10 meters per second. As such, he passed the selection match with a chin-up.

That’s right. No matter how urgent your mind is, it’s better not to practice the night before. Rather, it is wise to go early and warm up early in the morning on the day of the round. Can I go to the driving range just before the round? In other words, it’s at least a hundred times better than overworking the night before. I don’t know about thunder study, but thunder practice is ‘unusual’.

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