It’s a Great Counterattack By The Natives. Six Players in The Quarterfinals

In the seventh tour of the PBA this season, native men’s players raged. As many as six players have advanced to the quarterfinals, including Superman Cho Jae-ho NH Nonghyup Card and Hulk Kang Dong-gung SK Rent-A-Car), as well as Seo Hyun-min and Lee Sang-dae Welcome Savings Bank.

In the round of 16 of the High1 Resort PBA Championship held at the High1 Grand Hotel in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do on the 28th, Cho Jae-ho defeated Hwang Hyung-beom with a set score of 3-0. Cho Jae-ho, who won the first set 15 to 6 7 innings, struggled with Hwang Hyung-bum’s counterattack in the second set, but also won 15 to 14 11 innings. 토토사이트링크

Cho Jae-ho, who has gained momentum, will challenge for his first win of the season by reaching the quarterfinals by winning the third set 15 to 7 in eight innings. Hwang Hyung-beom made an unusual decision to beat David Zapata Blue One Resort, Spain, the first king of kings, 3-0 in the round of 32, but failed to cross Cho Jae-ho.

Kang Dong-gung also silenced Lee Kyung-wook’s sensation with a set score of 3-0. He showed an average of 2.25 runs in the first set, including 15-5 7 innings, 15-7 7 innings in the second set, and 15-5 6 innings in the third set.

This season, Kang Dong-gung reached the quarterfinals, his best performance. Lee Kyung-wook also beat David Martinez Spain, Crown Haitai, a former PBA champion, on the previous day, but he also had to be satisfied with the round of 16.

Welcome Duo Seo Hyun-min and Lee Sang-dae beat Um Sang-pil Blue One Resort and Nguyen Phung Lin Vietnam, High One Resort, respectively. Han Dong-woo also caused an unusual incident by sinking Perfect Guy Javier Palajon Spain, Huons. Young Blood Lee Young-hoon SY also beat Yoon Seok-hyun to join the quarterfinals.

Two foreign players advanced to the quarterfinals. PBA champion Eddie Reffens SK Rent-A-Car, Belgium beat Park Joo-sun, and last season, men’s Antonio Montez Spain, NH Nonghyup Card beat Kang Sung-ho.

At the beginning of this season, foreigners dominated the PBA men’s team. In the opening game, Turkiye Artisan Semi Seiginer Huons won, and in the second tour, the strongest Fredrik Kudlong then Welcome Savings Bank) won the title, achieving the most wins in his career, eight times. The 3rd tour was Palajon, and the 4th tour was Martinez at the top.

However, native Koreans gained strength from the fifth tour. Choi Sung-won Huons, the first Korean to win the World 3 Cushion Championship, won the Huons Championship for the first time, and Choi Won-joon won the NH Nonghyup Card Championship in four years and two months. In this competition, native species are also recovering their pride.

The quarterfinals on the 29th will be a match between Seo Hyun-min and Han Dong-woo, Lee Sang-dae and Montes, Gangdong-gung and Refence, and Cho Jae-ho and Lee Young-hoon. At 9:30 p.m. on the same day, the women’s final between Ayako Sakai Japan, Hana Card, who is seeking her second win of the season, and Lim Hye-won, who is challenging for the first time in her career, will be held.

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