200 million a day for Messi, the owner’s cult of personality “because the GOAT is already in my house”

By David Beckham, a global soccer star and co-owner of Inter Miami, has made a surprise worship of Lionel Messi.
Beckham posted a photo of himself holding a goat on social media on Wednesday (April 12).

“I found a little friend in the countryside, but I can’t take him home,” he wrote, laughing, “We have enough GOATs already.”
The GOAT Beckham is referring to is Messi. An acronym for “Greatest of All Time,” GOAT is spelled the same way as goat.

In sports, a goat is often used to describe the best players.

Beckham’s nod to Messi as the GOAT comes from a real-life goat.
Last month, Messi won his eighth Ballon d’Or, an unprecedented feat in soccer history. 카지노사이트가이드

No one has won the Ballon d’Or eight times since he first lifted it in 2009.

He has already won the Ballon d’Or seven times, extending his lead over rival Cristiano Ronaldo (five times – Al Nasr).
Messi has done it all.

When he won the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year, he solved the one thing that had eluded him throughout his career: a world title.

From the group stage to the final, Messi scored seven goals in seven games and was a big part of Argentina’s victory.

He also won the Ballon d’Or, which reflects the World Cup, and was no longer in contention.
Beckham personally handed Messi the Ballon d’Or when he won it.

At the time, Beckham said: “Tonight, in Paris, it is a great honor to hand Messi his eighth Ballon d’Or.

It is also a privilege to be able to celebrate such an incredible achievement.” “Miami is very honored to be associated with such a great player,” said the owner.
Beckham won the battle to sign Messi last summer.

He stole Messi’s heart after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired, leaving him with three options: a return to Barcelona, Saudi Arabia, or the United States.

Miami was actually the least likely option, but Beckham’s authenticity won Messi over.
Beckham founded Inter Miami in 2018. Beckham was confident in making the leap from top English soccer star to owner.

Inter Miami is still a young club, but Beckham has always wanted to sign the best players, and Messi was a longtime favorite.
“Our story is just beginning,” said Beckham, who is thrilled to have been linked to Messi for so long.

“When I was preparing to start a new team in Miami 10 years ago, it was my dream to sign the best player in the world, and today that dream has come true,” he said.

Beckham also promised a substantial salary to lure Messi.

While it’s a far cry from Saudi Arabia, Messi can earn up to $60 million at Inter Miami.

That’s $200 million a day.

In addition, the value of the marketing aspect is expected to go beyond the numbers, as he will be working with global companies such as Apple and Adidas to develop the US market.
With Messi on board and Miami winning the North American League Cup, their chemistry is working well.

So much so, that the team even went so far as to create a cult of personality around Messi, saying, “We have enough GOATs.”
However, Beckham’s plan didn’t work out, and soccer fans around the world were shocked by his aging hairstyle.

“Fans are more shocked by Beckham’s missing hair,” the British newspaper The Sun wrote in a report on Beckham’s social media posts.

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