Lotte Horror’s 1st to 3rd Starters, Early Vacation is On The Verge of Last Place

The KBO League for the 2023 season is about to end. But the ranking battle never ends. 토토사이트 Only the LG Twins in first place and the KT Wiz in second place have been decided, but all the 3rd to 10th place are in a great confusion.

First of all, attention is paid to the fight for the third to sixth place, which has the right to advance to the fall baseball league, but their own league, which is not only last place, is also very interesting. The matches between the eighth-ranked Samsung Lions, the ninth-ranked Hanwha Eagles, and the 10th-ranked Kiwoom Heroes are not over. Hanwha’s bottom line also fluctuated with six consecutive losses, and the current gap between 8th-ranked Samsung and 10th-ranked Kiwoom is only 1.5 games. Hanwha and Kiwoom are only half-term apart.

The story of not being last is also desperate. Samsung, a famous traditional family, has never ranked last since its foundation. The first last place is such a shock. At least the ride is the most advantageous. Kiwoom advanced to the Korean Series last season. A sharp fall could tarnish the reputation of an emerging powerhouse. If Hanwha is at the bottom, it will go down in history as the first last-place team for four consecutive years since the 10-team system.

Meanwhile, Hanwha will play its last three consecutive games against Lotte from the 14th. Both teams end the season with these three games. Hanwha somehow needs to break the losing streak and win a lot to avoid becoming a victim of the last-place war.

But for now, favorable conditions have been created. Lotte, whose ranking has already been confirmed as seventh, has decided to finish the season without its main starting pitchers. Foreign starters Barnes, Wilkerson and native ace Park Se-woong were all excluded from the entry. Lotte gave Woo Kang-hyun a chance to start instead of rookie Barnes, who was able to take the mound after a four-day break against the KIA Tigers on the 12th. Park Se-woong was able to challenge for 10 wins for the third consecutive year if he added one more win. Since he threw against the Doosan Bears on the 11th, he could expect 10 wins if he took four days off and played in the final game on the 16th. However, he gave up the record probably because he had been to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

From Hanwha’s point of view, if you don’t meet Lotte’s 1st to 3rd starters, you can naturally increase your chances of winning. But don’t let your guard down. In the match against KIA, Woo Kang-hyun threw well in the beginning, leading to a close game between the two teams to the end. If you relax just by looking at the value of your name, you can hurt your nose. Lotte is preparing for the rotation of Han Hyun-hee, Na Kyun-an and Shim Jae-min for three consecutive games. Depending on the situation, there is room for the order of appearance or the player to change.

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