Heungkuk Life Pepper Savings Bank Korea Expressway Corporation

With the V-League opening for the 2023-2024 season on the 14th, Heungkuk Life Insurance, Korea Expressway Corporation, and Pepper Savings Bank were selected as likely candidates to advance to the championship game in the women’s division. 토토사이트링크

The Korea Volleyball Federation held the Dodram 2023-2024 V League Women’s Media Day at the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on the 12th. Head coaches and key players of seven teams, including Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min, Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Avondanja Italy, Hyundai Engineering & Construction coach Kang Sung-hyung, Chung Kwan-jang former KGC Ginseng Corporation, GS Caltex coach Cha Sang-hyun, IBK Industrial Bank coach Kim Ho-chul and Pepper Savings Bank coach Joe Trinji U.S., attended to express their readiness and determination for the new season.

Media Day’s atmosphere heated up as soon as the question Which team will advance to the championship began. A total of 14 votes were exercised, two for each team, with Heungkuk Life, the second-ranked team, receiving the most votes with four votes last season. It was followed by Pepper Savings Bank and the defending champion Korea Expressway Corporation three votes. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Jeong Kwan-jang also received two votes each. It is natural to point out our team as a team that is likely to advance to the championship game this season, manager Avon Danza said. As there are many good players, I will show good performance throughout the season.

Naturally, other teams were strongly wary of Heungkuk Life Insurance. Coach Ko Hee-jin said, Heungguk Life has a good player composition, so it is a favorite. Coach Kim Ho-chul also said, From the outside, Heungkuk Life is a team full of confidence. On top of that, Kim Suzy joined as a free agent and has perfect power, he analyzed.

There were also a series of caution and favorable reviews for the Korea Expressway Corporation and Pepper Savings Bank, which were pointed out as rivals to Heungkuk Life Insurance. Toward Korea Expressway Corporation, which beat Heungkuk Life Insurance in the championship match last season, head coach Kang Sung-hyung said, The Korea Expressway Corporation had a well-organized power and did a good job of reinforcing its power. The members are also excellent. Also facing Pepper Savings Bank, coach Cha Sang-hyun said, It seems that we have become a different team from last season due to our strong power reinforcement.

In response, Trinji said, I will learn and get better in every game and every training. I will be reborn as the most advanced team in the final game of this season. Head coach Kim Jong-min said, The power has weakened compared to last season. We are also considering the possibility of struggling in the early stages, he said. We will play in the season, being wary of all teams, but we will deliver a new impression to fans this season as well.

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