‘Teacher and pupil team up’ for 2023 World Football Festival… Goal-scoring event will also feature matches

Creating a school culture where teachers and students respect each other through sports. SH Sports Agency (CEO Moon Sung-hwan) and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon) have organized an event for teachers and students to play together.

SH Sports Agency, 스포츠토토 which provides sports marketing and various soccer development programs in Korea and abroad, and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education are teaming up for the ‘2023 World Football Festival,’ a soccer tournament that brings teachers and students together.

The ‘2023 World Football Festival’ will be held from December 1 to 3 at KINTEX 1 Exhibition Hall 1 and 2 in Ilsan. The festival is the largest soccer festival in Korea, with 280 soccer teams competing over three days, as well as event matches by the ‘Goal-Scoring Girls’ soccer team and various soccer events with the 2002 Legends National Team. It is designed to be enjoyed by all who love soccer.

The event is designed to foster a culture of mutual understanding and respect between teachers and students through sports, amidst the recent decline in church authority. On December 1, the first day of the event, Seoul students will compete in a 5-on-5 futsal match. Each participating team is characterized by the rule that one teacher must be a starter and play against four students. There will be a boys’ team and a girls’ team, and for the boys’ team, the teacher must be a starter for at least five minutes, and for the girls’ team, for at least three minutes. The duration of each game is 12 minutes, including the first and second halves.

To this end, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is recruiting participating teams until 5 p.m. on April 22. There are 32 teams for boys and 16 teams for girls in middle school and 32 teams for boys and 16 teams for girls in high school. Teams can register a minimum of seven players and a maximum of 10.

After the group stage, the futsal matches will be held in a tournament format, with medals for first through third place and cash prizes of 300,000 won to 100,000 won. During the event, there will also be various events with SBS entertainment program ‘Goal Hitting Girls’ and 2002 soccer legends.

In addition to the futsal tournament, there will be more than 200 booths of soccer goods, sports-related and food-related booths, and various event booths such as face painting, cotton candy, life cut, and raffle will be provided free of charge, giving participants and visitors more than just soccer fun.

“We hope that this tournament will contribute to a happy and healthy school life by bringing teachers and students together to practice the sports values of coexistence, communication, respect, caring, and cooperation,” said Cho Hee-yeon, superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

Mr. Moon Sung-hwan, CEO of SH Sports Agency, said, “This special event on the first day of the tournament is meaningful as a tournament for teachers and students to bond through soccer and create the unity of teachers and students in the education system and the importance of education to lead the backward generation. The ‘2023 World Football Festival’, which will showcase the largest indoor scale in Korea and the largest in Asia, will demonstrate the value of enjoyment beyond soccer through an unusual and new attempt to collaborate on soccer sports and cultural contents along with the exhibition and fair business.”

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