SON could be Tottenham’s Best Legend!

Give Me Sports said this on the 14th, referring to Son Heung-min’s re-promotion issue. Tottenham and Son Heung-min’s contract expires in the summer of 2025. Tottenham is preparing to offer Son Heung-min an extended contract renewal.

The media said, Son Heung-min is a great player in skills, personality, and relationship with his teammates. 토토사이트 If Tottenham does not offer Son Heung-min to renew his contract, it will be shocking, he said. Even a person who is very critical of Son Heung-min will not be able to ignore his marketing effect throughout Asia.

Son Heung-min has to decide his position for next season. For Tottenham, it is necessary to decide whether to sell Son Heung-min for a transfer fee or make a re-promotion next summer, with one year left in the contract.

The value of next summer will completely change depending on what kind of strong performance Son Heung-min plays this season. Saudi oil money is already aiming for Son Heung-min first.

Since June, Saudi Oil Money has put Son Heung-min’s recruitment as a top priority. Tottenham are trying to block this from the ground zero.

Son Heung-min’s revival is unclear. Son Heung-min, who struggled with hernia symptoms last season, is perfectly reviving this season. Son Heung-min is playing a big role as he moves back and forth between the winger and the center in the aggressive system of coach Engie Postecoglou.

Before Burnley, he changed his position to center and scored a hat trick. Son Heung-min is receiving absolute trust from his team members as the team’s new captain. His skills are reviving, and he is the ace leader in the team.

The media said, Son Heung-min is already Tottenham’s legend. Formed an explosive duo with Harry Kane. There is no Kane now, and Son Heung-min is the captain. If Son Heung-min leads Tottenham to the championship as captain, he will be the greatest legend in Tottenham’s history,’ he said.

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