South Korea Virtually Fails To Advance To The U-18 Final

Japan won the second round of the World Baseball Softball Confederation U-18 Baseball World Cup World Youth Baseball Championship against Puerto Rico in the 10-05th inning at Tienmu Stadium in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 8th. 토토사이트

Japan had three wins and one loss. Puerto Rico has one win and three losses. Japanese starter Higashi Onna had a perfect five innings. He struck out five, six infield grounder and four fly balls without any hits, walks, or errors against 15 batters.

After one out in the first inning, Japan got a chance to first and second base with a walk and a defensive error. Pitcher wild pitches made the runners on second and third bases, and Riku Takeda’s timely hit led 2-0. Japan was tagged out when the first baseman ran to third base during Yuzuki Nakayama’s heavy hit in the third inning with one out and runners on first base. With two outs and runners on second base, Maruta Minato’s timely hit added one point. They ran away 3-0.

In the fourth inning, he made first and second base with consecutive infield hits after one out, and scored his fourth run with Ogata Ren’s timely hit with two outs and runners on first and third bases. a 4-0 lead. In the fifth inning, it became second base with no outs due to a leadoff hit and a left fielder error, and first and third base with no outs due to the fielder’s choice during the sacrifice bunt. The bases were loaded with a walk, and the score was 5-0 with a push-off walk with one out and a full base.

Since then, he has run 8-0 with two RBIs and an infield grounder one RBI in full base, and it has become 10-0 as consecutive hits have occurred. I won the fifth inning with a cold game. In the super round, a total of six teams from the first to third places in each group will be held in a round robin manner. They will play against three teams from other groups, holding the results they faced in the group stage. Among the six teams, the first and second places advanced to the final, and the third and fourth places will play the bronze medal match.

South Korea lost to Taiwan 1-6 in the group stage. It lost to Japan 1-7 in the first round of the Super Round on the 7th. South Korea 1 win and 2 losses will have to beat both the U.S. and the Netherlands to win 3 wins and 2 losses. As of the 8th, Taiwan has three wins and Japan has three wins and one loss. Only when Taiwan and Japan lose all the remaining games will the victory and defeat be equal with three wins and two losses. However, if the three teams have the same win or loss, the ranking will be determined by TQB Team Quality Balance, difference in gains and losses per inning.

Even if South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan have three wins and two losses, South Korea has the lowest TQB with two points and 13 runs. No matter which team wins the Taiwan-Japan match by a 10-point cold game, both teams have a higher TBQ than South Korea.

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