Coach Krisman is Absent From The Legendary Match

The national soccer team, led by coach Klinsmann, will play two consecutive A matches in Europe in September. 토토사이트링크 On the 8th, they played an away warm-up match against Wales in Cardiff and drew 0-0.

It was a great disappointment. Klinsmann declared offensive football, but showed only one effective shot. However, he did not properly prevent the counterattack of the counterattack. It exposed a lot of crisis situations, and if it wasn’t for the luck of the goalpost, it wouldn’t be strange to have lost.

The Klinsmann is off to a bad start. He has not won one game in five games since his launch, including the match against Wales. Klinsmann is the first foreign coach in the history of Korean soccer to have no victory in five games since he took office. Ahead of the A match schedule, the controversy over overseas trips had to be resolved sexually.

Against Wales, however, South Korea has rarely advanced. As there was no linked play in the midfield, ball possession was not good and mistakes were made, so the direction of the build-up began to be limited to the side. The offense was dull and the defense was in a hurry. Kim Min-jae had to prevent it with difficulty as he won the speed fight with the opposing striker.

Meanwhile, South Korea failed to catch the flow throughout the first half with attacks that rely on individual skills rather than on promised plays. In the 39th minute of the first half, Son Heung-min’s shot with a winding kick was the only effective shot.

The national team, which continued to be frustrated in the second half, was relieved that Keeper Moore’s header hit the post in the 21st minute of the second half. Hwang Ui-jo was put in to change the atmosphere, but it didn’t change much. In the end, the winless game increased to five games as they finished without scoring against Wales.

After the game, manager Klinsmann said, It was a difficult game. I didn’t create many opportunities. It was an equal game. The result of the draw seems to reflect the way the game was operated, he said. It was difficult to break down the opponent who played as a five-back. Wales was organized. When I met a similar team in the future, I was able to see how to solve the game, he added.

Now the national team is moving to England. The national team, which trains for recovery in the morning as soon as dawn breaks in Cardiff, takes a bus to England after lunch. Kim Ji-soo will prepare for the Saudi Arabia match at the training ground in Brentford, where he belongs.

In this situation, the issue of coach Klinsmann’s departure from his workplace erupted. On the 9th, he was listed on the legend match list between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. The list of players Chelsea announced on its official website made my eyes suspicious.

It is something I have never seen before that the coach leaves the national team during the A match. At a time when the issue of negligence in work was highlighted because he did not already reside in Korea, he could not stop looking at whether he prioritized his personal schedule even when he went on an expedition.

Fortunately, it was misinformed. An official from the Korea Football Association said, Coach Klinsmann is committed to the national team. It’s true that I was invited to a legend match, but I don’t attend. On the day of the legend match, the national team dismissed the controversy, saying, The afternoon training is scheduled.

Klinsmann is now preparing for the Saudi Arabia match. As it is the first time to meet an Asian country since its launch, it is now a point to watch whether it will win its first victory. It will be held at St. James Park in Newcastle on the 13th, and South Korea is inferior to Saudi Arabia with four wins, seven draws and six losses in all-time matches.

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