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Messi wins U.S. championship

Miami beats Nashville for first-ever League Cup title
Tied after Messi goal dramatic win in penalty kicks

Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) won a championship in the US Major League Soccer (MLS) just one month after arriving in the country. It’s a remarkable accomplishment, 토토 leading a last-place team to the cup.

Inter Miami defeated Nashville SC 10-9 on penalty kicks after a 1-1 halftime tie in the 2023 League Cup final at Geordie’s Park in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on Tuesday.

The League Cup is a cup competition between clubs from the United States, Canada, and Mexico that began in 2019. This is the first time Miami has won the tournament. It’s also the first time an American club has won the tournament. Previously, the tournament was won by a Mexican club.

Messi led the league’s last-place team to the title. Miami is last in the 15-team Eastern Conference with a record of 5 W, 3 D, and 14 L in the MLS regular season this year. With 18 points, 안전놀이터 they are also last among the 29 MLS clubs in the Western Conference.

Messi, who joined Miami from Paris Saint-Germain in France last month, scored the game’s first goal. Messi rattled the net with a powerful left-footed shot on a counterattack in the 23rd minute. It was Messi’s seventh goal in seven games and his 10th in the United States.

Miami equalized 12 minutes into the second half. Nashville’s Papa Pico scored the equalizer.

With the score tied at 1-1, it was time for the penalty shootout. Messi stepped up as kicker one and scored. Nashville’s second kicker, Randall Lill, missed, but so did Miami’s Victor Ulloa. The score was tied at 9-9 as both kickers continued to convert.

At 9-9, Miami goalie Drake Calendar converted a goal, 스포츠토토 while Nashville goalie Elliott Panico’s shot was stopped by Calendar. This gave Miami the win.

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