Professional gamer Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, who is competing for Korea in the League of Legends (LoL) event at the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG), expressed his ambition for gold, saying, “Five years ago (Jakarta-Palembang AG), I only won a silver medal, but this year I will work hard with the belief that I will definitely win.

Faker, who holds the title of the most winners of LoL major international and domestic tournaments, said this at the Hangzhou AG Esports National Team Entry Ceremony held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Esports Sports Association (KeSPA) on the 28th.

“My biggest goal is to work hard and not be disappointed in myself during the preparation period,” Faker said, adding, “I will work hard with the belief that if I work hard enough, there will be good results.”

Regarding his wrist injury during the domestic league, he said, “It has healed a lot recently, so it doesn’t affect my game,” but added, “I think the biggest (impact) is that I didn’t practice much during the injury period, so I didn’t practice with multiple champions.”

“I think we can achieve good results by cooperating with each other rather than competing,” said Jeong “Chobi” Jung-hoon, who is expected to compete with Faker for the same mid laner position.

“After the departure ceremony, we will start training from Wednesday, but the players’ skills are already top-notch and they are working with a sense of mission, so I think we only need to match the sum,” said Kim Jung-gyun, head coach of the LoL national team.

“It was quite difficult to find opponents for scrimmages because it’s a new mode with no interpersonal interaction, which is completely different from the way we used to play in the league,” said Yoon Sang-hoon, head coach of Battlegrounds Mobile. “Fortunately, we were able to form a practice team through the association, and we plan to use them as sparring partners until the end of the tournament.”

Seoul City, the official partner city of the Korean National Esports Team, signed a business agreement with KeSPA on site.

The agreement focuses on supporting training to improve national team performance, operating an esports accompaniment program for culturally marginalized groups, and strengthening cooperation to develop the esports industry.

The city will provide the Seoul Game Content Center in Mapo-gu ESPLEX Center as a training venue and provide comprehensive support for training for individual sports as well as physical therapy and psychological counseling.

In addition, the city will continue to promote the growth of the gaming industry by actively attracting international eSports competitions and holding the Seoul Cup, an eSports youth amateur competition, as a summer season (August-September) and a final season (October-November).

“Korea has been able to stand out as an esports powerhouse because we have good infrastructure, Seoul’s hardware, and proud players whose skills are unrivaled,” said Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon.

“We will provide optimal training spaces to attract good tournaments and be remembered for our ‘best and beyond’ fighting spirit, not only for the first Asian Games where our national esports team will compete, but also afterward. 카지노사이트

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