Its Kt Won 3 Consecutive Wins with Alcantara’s 8 Innings

2nd place kt 3 consecutive wins, leading LG 3 consecutive losses, joys and sorrows crossed…

The gap between the two teams is 4.5 games

LG, 3 consecutive losses in a messy situation such as referee replacement and starting pitcher exit,

Kt wiz

kt won 3 consecutive wins with Alcantara’s 8 innings and 1 run counterattack,

KIA jumped to 5th place with 4 consecutive wins…

SSG wins over Doosan after an extended battle 토토사이트

The competition for the lead was ignited as the joys and sorrows of pro baseball’s 2nd place kt wiz won 3 consecutive victories and the leader LG Twins 3 consecutive losses.

The gap between LG and kt, which was 7.5 games before the start of the weekend three-game series (24-27), decreased to 4.5 games.

LG lost 3-5 to NC Dinos in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League

visiting game held at NC Park in Changwon on the 27th.

On this day, both teams played in a messy situation.

Yoon Sang-won

Referee Yoon Sang-won, who was lightly hit by NC Park Gun-woo’s batted ball at the end of the 9th inning the previous day (26th),

missed the game that day.

If the ball hits the umpire first, it becomes an ‘infield hit’.

In the game on the 26th, LG suffered a come-from-behind defeat in the bottom of the 9th inning after Park Kun-woo’s infield hit,

an article foretelling the terrorism of referee Yoon Sang-won was posted online.

The KBO refereeing committee decided not to put referee Yoon Sang-won,

who was originally scheduled to serve as the referee on the 27th, into the game today.

Strict Atmosphere

The game started in a strict atmosphere,

with the police inspecting the baseball field,

at the end of the first inning, LG starter Lim Chan-gyu

hit Park Gun-woo with a straight ball in the first and third bases without a hit,

was ejected for a “headshot.”

After Lim Chan-gyu went down the mound with no bases loaded in the first inning,

Choi Dong-hwan hurriedly took the mound and threw a ball that hit Jason Martin.

Shin Min-jae

LG made a 1-1 tie with Shin Min-jae’s ‘second baseman sacrifice fly’

in the top of the 3rd inning with 1 out, 1st and 3rd base.

Shin Min-jae’s missed ball went between the center fielder and the second baseman,

NC second baseman Park Min-woo caught it in reverse action.

1st base runner Hong Chang-ki ran to 2nd base,

turned around and ran to 1st base,

3rd base runner Park Hae-min headed home with a ‘retouch’ after Park Min-woo’s catch.

Park Min-woo threw to first base and caught Hong Chang-ki,

who could not return.

NC expected ‘inning shift without LG scoring’,

but after an agreement, the judges decided that Park Hae-min stepped on the home plate before the runner on first base was out.

Kang In-kwon

NC coach Kang In-kwon applied for a video review,

when the decision was not overturned,

he objected to it and was ordered to leave.

Even in the absence of the coach,

the NC players showed their desire to win.

At the end of the 3rd inning, Hyungjun Yoon hit a sacrifice fly to the left fielder at the end of the 3rd inning and took a 2-1 lead. it happened

When LG made up for 1 point with Austin Dean’s timely double in the top of the 6th inning,

NC also added 1 point with Park Min-woo’s heavy hit

from 2nd and 2nd base at the end of the 6th inning.

On this day, Park Min-woo posted 4 hits and 3 RBIs in 5 at-bats.

8th Inning

At the beginning of the 8th inning, LG pursued 3-5 with a right-handed right-handed

hit by pinch hitter Kim Hyun-soo from 1st and 2nd base,

continued the opportunity to 1st and 3rd base.

However, Shin Min-jae, who was digging home when Austin grounded to third base,

was tagged out, and Moon Bo-kyung withdrew with a grounder in front of the second baseman in the second base loaded with Oh Ji-hwan’s walk.

kt defeated the Lotte Giants 2-1 in an away game in Busan.

kt, which was in 10th place (18 wins, 30 losses, 2 draws) until June 5,

rose to second place with a record of 44 wins and 17 losses, and is now threatening leading LG.

William Cuevas, whom kt coach Lee Kang-cheol pointed out as the “power of rebound,”

blocked 8 innings with 6 hits and 1 run on this day as well, and won his 8th win of the season.

3rd Inning

After two shots in the top of the 3rd inning,

Kt seized the opportunity with Ahn Chi-young’s left-middle double,

Hwang Jae-gyun’s left-handed hit earned the first point.

In the 4th inning, after one out,

Oh Yoon-seok hit a triple that cut through the middle right,

Shin Bong-ki scored an RBI with a sacrifice fly to the right fielder.

On this day, Lotte coach Larry Sutton felt dizzy and emptied the dugout,

head coach Lee Jong-woon led the team.

7th place Lotte fell into a swamp of 7 consecutive losses in the absence of a manager,

making the possibility of advancing to the postseason even smaller.

The KIA Tigers beat the Hanwha Eagles 5-2 in the home game in Gwangju and continued their 4-game winning streak,

pushing the Doosan Bears and moving up to 5th place.

The game on this day attracted attention with the starting match between Young-gun Yoon Young-chul

(KIA, 4 innings, 2 hits, 4 walks, 2 runs, 1 earned run) and Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha, 5 innings, 5 runs, 5 runs)

aiming for the rookie king, but it was the veteran batter who decided the match. was

KIA Kim Seon-bin hit a timely hit with two outs loaded at the bottom of the 4th inning with 2 RBIs rolling in front of the left fielder.

In the 6th inning, veteran Choi Hyung-woo, born in 1983,

hit a 153km/h fastball from Moon Dong-joo, born in 2003,

hit a double with two RBIs splitting left and middle.

Hanwha suffered six consecutive losses.

Samsung Lions

In Daegu, Samsung Lions defeated Kiwoom Heroes 8-6.

Samsung starter Won Tae-in won his 6th win (6th loss) of the season with 6 hits and no runs in 7 innings.

Samsung, who was leading 8-0, gave 6 points to Kiwoom in the top of the 8th inning, but kept the victory.

SSG Landers won 8-5 after an extended bloody battle against Doosan in Jamsil.

SSG broke the balance with Choi Jeong’s solo shot in the top of the 8th inning, which was 4-4,

but in the bottom of the 9th, finisher Seo Jin-yong, who took the mound,

was hit by Su-bin Su and Jae-ho Kim in a row,

after being driven to 1st and 3rd base,

Jose Rojas made a sacrifice fly to tie the game.

I gave up and entered an overtime game.

Seo Jin-yong

Seo Jin-yong, who took advantage of all 34 previous save opportunities,

made his first blown save (save failure) in the 35th opportunity.

After one out in the top of the 10th inning,

SSG got a chance to score with Kim Chan-hyung’s double, and in the second out and third base,

Jeon Eui-san hit a timely hit in the middle left to take the lead again.

In the 2nd, 2nd and 3rd bases,

Seong-Hyun Kim put a wedge in the game with two RBIs and a timely hit to the left.

Seo Jin-yong, who also appeared in the 10th inning,

took a salvation victory instead of a save.

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