First Game Draw Kim Jin-gyu, Seoul’s Acting Manager

‘First game draw’ Kim Jin-gyu, Seoul’s acting manager

“I don’t use players who don’t have a fighting spirit”

‘Dramatic equalizer’ Willian “Inspiring draw with leading Ulsan…

An opportunity for confidence”

Kim Jin-kyu

Acting manager Kim Jin-kyu, who held the ‘temporary baton’ of FC Seoul in the professional soccer K League 1 and drew

against leader Ulsan Hyundai in the first game, 카지노

demanded a greater ‘fighting spirit’ from the players.

At a press conference after the K-League 1 round 28 home game

against Ulsan held on the 27th at Seoul World Cup Stadium,

Acting Kim said, “I tried to show a new team today,

but it was regrettable that I showed a good performance in the first half and conceded a goal in the second half.” did.

Acting Kim, who had a relationship with Seoul since he was a player and has been working in Seoul

as a coach for the under-18 (U-18) team since 2018 and as a professional team coach since 2020,

played his first game as an acting manager.

Ahn Ik-soo

As coach Ahn Ik-soo, who had been leading the team since September 2021,

announced his sudden resignation at an official press conference

after the 27th round match against Daegu FC on the 19th,

Seoul entrusted the responsibility of renewing the atmosphere to acting head coach Kim.


In the first game, Seoul drew 2-2 with undisputed leader Ulsan.

After taking the lead with Ilyuchenko’s goal in the 9th minute,

Seoul was dragged around giving away multiple goals to Joo Min-gyu in the second half,

but won 1 point thanks to Willian’s dramatic equalizer in extra time.

Acting Kim said, “It’s greedy, but personally I thought I would win.

I thought I was well prepared, but it wasn’t easy against Ulsan.”

Specifically , he explained, “After scoring,

we talked about pushing aggressively in the second half and prepared tactically,

but there were many situations where the players went down because they were trying to defend one goal.

They told us to raise the line, but it was not corrected during the game.”

However, it was a content and result that could not be seen only unfortunately.

First Half

Acting Kim said, “I think it was good in the first half to keep the line in the second line and move forward when the ball was cut,

to make the line tight and organized.”

He did not forget to praise the players, saying,

“Ilyuchenko said before the game that he would work today,

but he seems to have prepared enough.

Acting Kim, who had ordered the players to ‘poison’ with the expression,

“You will be able to see ’10 Kim Jin-kyu’ playing on the ground today” before the match, was not satisfied yet.

Acting Kim said, “I’m telling the players that I won’t use players who don’t fight and don’t fight.

It’s a pity that only 3 or 4 ‘Kim Jin-kyu‘ appeared today.”

I will make it so that I can step out with more fighting spirit.”


Willian, who scored a meaningful equalizer by whipping the side

with a brilliant dribble during extra time in the second half,

also put a lot of meaning into the draw that day.

Willian said, “It would have been better if it had been 3 points,

but it is also important to have 1 point against Ulsan.

Assessing the goal as his best this season,

he said, “It’s not an easy situation for the players when the manager is replaced in the middle of the season, but in the end, we play.

I think we have to dominate the game especially at home.”

“You always have to think about winning,” he said.

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