Jeonbuk Clashes with Seoul in 33rd Round

The first Final B Since its Founding?… Jeonbuk Clashes with Seoul in 33rd Round, ‘Even a Draw is Dangerous’

If 7th place Jeonbuk loses to 5th place Seoul, it will be final B.

Key resources such as Baek Seung-ho, Song Min-gyu, and Park Jin-seop will face the burden of being called up for the Asian Games.

Is it 10 years of power?

A tradition that shines with the first 5 consecutive wins in professional soccer K-League 1 (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) and the most 9 wins (2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) ‘Powerhouse’ Jeonbuk Hyundai is at the final crossroads of falling to Final B (7th to 12th place) for the first time since its founding. 메이저사이트

7th place Jeonbuk (46 points) will go on an expedition in the 33rd round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against 5th place FC Seoul (47 points) at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 3pm on the 8th.

This round 33 is the final game that separates Final A (1st to 6th place teams) from Final B.

However, the battle for rankings among mid-tier teams to determine Final A is a close race until the end.

The 1st to 4th ranked teams, Ulsan Hyundai (66 points), Pohang Steelers (58 points), Gwangju FC (51 points), and Daegu FC (48 points),

have confirmed Final A, while 5th place Seoul and 6th place Incheon United (47 points),

three teams up to 7th place Jeonbuk will compete in the fateful 33rd round for the last two spots.

All six games of round 33 will kick off at 3 p.m. on the 8th.

Among the three teams currently ranked 5th to 7th,

the most unfavorable matchup is Incheon. Incheon meets Ulsan, the ‘absolute top’.

Incheon and Ulsan played the second leg of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League group stage on the 3rd.

However, Incheon won a landslide victory (4-0) at home,

but Ulsan returned home after suffering a 0-1 defeat in Kawasaki, Japan, so Incheon has a good atmosphere.

In particular, Incheon is a team united with a strong survival instinct that becomes stronger in crisis situations.

I am confident that we were evenly matched against Ulsan this season with 1 win and 1 loss (0-1 loss, 2-1 win).

The game that fans are most interested in is the match between 5th place Seoul and 7th place Jeonbuk.

Jeonbuk will advance to Final B if it loses to Seoul in the 33rd round.

Even if Jeonbuk draws with Seoul, if Incheon secures a point against Ulsan, it will remain in Final B.

In addition, even if Incheon loses to Ulsan,

if Jeonbuk draws with Seoul without scoring, the points will be the same as Incheon,

but Final B will be confirmed due to losing the number of points.

Seoul is in a better situation than Jeonbuk as they can secure at least 6th place just by drawing.

In the end, the best way for Jeonbuk to prevent its first fall to Final B since its founding is to win the game against Seoul.

This season, Jeonbuk met Seoul twice and took the lead with 1 win and 1 draw (1-1 draw, 2-1 win).

The current situation in Jeonbuk is not very good.

Jeonbuk did not perform very well with 2 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses in the 8 games played between August and September.

During the same period, Seoul was slightly ahead with 2 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses.

Jeonbuk has to prepare for the Seoul game on the weekend after playing the second game of the ACL group stage away to Thailand on the 4th, and it is also burdensome that key offensive and defensive resources such as Baek Seung-ho, Song Min-gyu, and Park Jin-seop were called up to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In order to reduce the movement of the players, Jeonbuk decided to stay in Incheon and prepare for the Seoul game rather than returning to Jeonju upon returning home.


K-League 2 Gimpo Wins 2-1 Against Jeonnam with 10 Players

K-League 2 Gimpo Wins 2-1 Against Jeonnam with 10 Players… Secured First Associate PO

2nd place Gimcheon, defeated Ansan 7-3, winning 4 times in a row.

Fierce competition with Busan for the lead Gyeongnam and Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province drew 1-1.

5th and 6th place with 2 points difference

K League 2 Gimpo FC is on an undefeated streak of 7 games, opening up the opportunity to challenge for promotion for the first time in the 2nd year since the founding of a professional team. 바카라사이트

Gimpo will be playing at Gimpo Salter Soccer Stadium on the 22nd.

In the home game of the 36th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 held in, they defeated Jeonnam Dragons 2-1.

Gimpo, who went undefeated in 7 games (5 wins, 2 draws), including 2 recent league wins in a row, maintained 3rd place with 59 points.

After participating in the semi-pro K3 League, Gimpo, which converted to a professional club last year and debuted in K-League 2, ranked 8th,

secured at least 5th place by being 11 points ahead of 6th place Chungbuk Cheongju (48 points) with 3 games left in the regular league this season.

5th place in K League 2 is the Maginot line to challenge for promotion.

In this season’s K League 2, each team will play 36 regular league games,

with the winning team advancing directly to the 1st Division,

the 2nd Division team advancing to the promotion play-offs against the 11th-place team in K League 1.

Here, one of the teams ranked 3rd to 5th in the K League 2 regular league will advance to the promotion play-offs against the 10th place in K League 1.

4th and 5th places will first play semi-playoffs, and then the winner will face 3rd place and win.

The team takes the ticket to the promotion and relegation playoffs.

Gimpo is behind 2nd place Gimcheon Sangmu (64 points) by 5 points, so mathematically,

there is a possibility of an upset to 2nd place.

Jeonnam ranked 7th with 47 points.

They were 3 points behind Gyeongnam FC (50 points) in 5th place.

Jeonnam took the lead first with Park Tae-yong’s left corner kick followed by Yong-jae Lee’s diving header in the 26th minute of the first half,

but Gimpo FC balanced the game with Park Gyeong-rok’s equalizing goal in the 43rd minute of the first half, and the tense situation continued.

The sending off of Jeonnam defender Kim Soo-beom in the middle of the second half became a major variable in the game.

Kim Soo-beom, who was engaged in a war of nerves with opposing player Jang Yun-ho,

hit the head of Gimpo Kim I-seok, who came to stop him, causing the first injury.

A warning was given, but it was changed to a red card through the referee’s on-field review,

putting Jeonnam at a numerical disadvantage.

Gimpo, who played one more player, eventually turned the tide in the 42nd minute of the second half.

About two minutes later, Jeonnam Valdivia took the lead.

With the same free kick, a ‘theatre-tying goal’ was almost created,

but the attacker’s foul was pointed out through video review (VAR), and the score was cancelled.

Lewis sent a low cross from the left side of the penalty area, and Kim Iseok finished with his right foot from the center to score the winning goal.

2nd place Gimcheon won 7-3 in the away game against Ansan Greeners and won 4 times in a row,

narrowing the gap with leader Busan I’Park (66 points) back to 2 points and pushing the championship race to the last minute.

Gimcheon scored a ‘shower of goals’ including Choi Byung-chan’s hat trick,

despite the absence of Cho Young-wook,

who was second in league scoring with 13 goals this season,

due to being discharged early after winning the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

39, creating the game with the highest score in all of K-League 2 this year.

On this day, Gimcheon made 24 shots, 16 of which were effective shots.

Ansan, who scored 3 goals but conceded too many goals, was unable to win,

falling into two consecutive losses and finishing in last place (22 points).

At Cheongju Stadium, Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, and Gyeongnam, tied 1-1.

Gyeongnam, ranked 5th, was unable to widen the gap with the chasing teams, and Cheongju, North Chungcheong, had 2 points against Gyeongnam.

The gap jumped to 6th place and continued the pursuit.

After Lee Min-hyung’s first goal from Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province in the 13th minute of the first half,

the score hardly changed, but in the 43rd minute of the second half,

Gyeongnam balanced the game with Mo Jae-hyun’s penalty kick goal.


Lee Seung-woo Calls for the Abolition of the K-League Victory

Lee Seung-woo Calls for the Abolition of the K-League Victory Allowance Limit… “Nowhere else in the World”

Lee Seung-woo, the leading striker of professional soccer K-League 1 Suwon FC, publicly stated that the win allowance cap system should be abolished.

On the 14th, Seung-Woo Lee argued through the Korea Professional Footballers’ Association (Players’ Association) that restrictions on victory allowances should be removed at the league level and left to an ‘autonomous area.’ 온라인카지노

Seungwoo Lee said, “For players and support staff with low salaries and less seniority, the victory allowance is an important reward,” and added, “Rather than setting a cap, I think it would be better for each club and the players to discuss and decide freely.”

He then added, “There is no place in the world that sets winning allowances uniformly,” and added, “I hope this will be made public for the sake of the players’ rights.”

According to the Players’ Association, the upper limit of victory allowance for K League 1 is 1 million won and for K League 2 is 500,000 won.

The players’ association believes that these restrictions are particularly detrimental to low-income players.

The players’ association said that not only Lee Seung-woo but also many players wanted to improve the system, and voiced that it should be changed to a form in which each club pays autonomously according to the situation.

The Korea Professional Football League set an upper limit on victory allowances through the board of directors in December 2020 with the aim of reducing the club’s financial burden due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Previously, most K-League clubs paid a win-conditional allowance of up to 5 million won to as little as 2 million won per game in addition to basic salary and appearance allowance.

There was also a practice of paying win-conditional bonuses for each important game that were not specified in the contract.

At the time, the board of directors established disciplinary regulations, such as imposing a fine of up to 1 billion won on K League 1 clubs and up to 500 million won on K League 2 clubs that violate the cap regulations.

In March of last year, Lee Seung-woo also argued through social media that the K League’s mandatory participation rule for players under the age of 22 (U-22) was unreasonable.

Lee Seung-woo, a member of Spain’s prestigious FC Barcelona youth team, said in Spanish, “I will never understand the ‘U-22 rule’ in Korea.

Why is there no ‘over 35 rule’? What country in the world has this rule? “He wrote.

Lee Seung-woo, who had always played only in Europe and entered the K-League by joining Suwon FC in 2022, was given the vice-captain position ahead of the 2024 season.