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Arsenal legend with 7-year-old son Sonny

A young man who left Cardiff with big dreams has returned to the pitch 15 years later, holding the hand of a ‘little boy’.

Welsh national soccer team midfielder Aaron Ramsey (32), who enjoyed a brilliant heyday at Arsenal, was accompanied by his first son Sonny (7) at the ‘official’ ceremony to officially announce his transfer to Cardiff City (England’s second division) on Friday (local time).

It wasn’t just a case of ‘daddy’s on the job’. On the same day that Ramsey signed with the professional team, Sonny also signed with Cardiff Academy (youth).

On that day, Cardiff released a photo of the father and son sitting side-by-side at a table signing their contracts, and the son’s signature was the “real deal.

Ramsey and Sonny walked out of the Cardiff City Stadium wearing the number 10 jersey side by side. It was a moment of romance and meaning, and an unprecedented official was born.

“The day I came back to Cardiff, my son signed for Cardiff Academy,” says Ramsey. It’s a very special moment for us,” he reflected.

According to the Daily Star, fans reacted by saying, “It seems like just yesterday that Ramsey’s first child was born, and now he’s joining his hometown team…amazing!” and “I hate Cardiff, but this is kind of cool!”

Ramsey made 22 appearances for Cardiff before leaving for Arsenal in 2008. Establishing himself as a key midfielder at Arsenal, Ramsey went on to play over 350 games for the Gunners.

After moving to Juventus in 2019, his career took a turn for the worse. After two seasons on the sidelines, Ramsey went on loan to Rangers before making a permanent move to Nice in France last year. However, he terminated his contract with Nice to join his hometown club.

There have been cases of rich people playing for the same team. Aydur Gudjonsen made his debut for the Icelandic national team after being substituted for his father, Arnor Gudjonsen. Hibaudu played with his son Hibaudingjö at Mogymirim in 2015. 파워볼