YouTuber Tzuyang opens up about 4 years of abuse by ex-boyfriend

 YouTuber Tzuyang explains the  violence she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Thursday. Captured from Tzuyang's YouTube channel

Tzuyang (real name Park Jung-won), 27, a famous “mukbang” (a Korean word for eating show) YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers, revealed that she was a victim of illegal filming and violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who was also the CEO of her agency.

She also claimed that he defrauded her to the tune of 4 billion won ($3.1 million) due to improper payment settlements from her broadcasts. Although she eventually pursued legal action, the case was dismissed due to no grounds for prosecution following the perpetrator’s death.

Tzuyang’s revelations were made in response to allegations made earlier in the day by the YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute, which claimed that YouTubers affiliated with “Cyber Wreckers,” referring to those who engage in online harassment or defamation to cause harm or extort money from others, had blackmailed her for tens of millions of won by threatening to expose her past.

Tzuyang held a live broadcast titled “I Will Tell You Everything” on her YouTube channel, Thursday. This broadcast was in response to a revelation made the previous 대표하는 day by the YouTube channel “GaSeYeon” (Garo Sero Institute), which alleged that Tzuyang had been blackmailed by multiple cyberstalkers using her past as leverage to extort money from her.

Tzuyang used this opportunity to clarify her past. She said the events occurred while dating her ex-boyfriend, Mr. A, whom she met when she was a university student.

“I tried to break up because he showed violent behavior, but he threatened to distribute an illegal video he had taken of me, so I couldn’t leave him,” she said.

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