Tottenham’s dedicated journalist, Son Heung-min racism outrage justified

Even Tottenham’s own journalist was outraged by the racism directed at Son Heung-min in the Tottenham squad.

Tottenham have been in the spotlight recently for racism within their squad. This time, it was captain Son Heung-min who was targeted, and it was his close teammate Bentancur who harassed him with racist remarks. In an interview with the media in his native Uruguay, when the interviewer asked him to save Son Heung-min’s jersey, Bentancur replied, “What about his cousin’s jersey. Son Heung-min and his cousin look the same,” he responded with a racist remark.

Bentancur apologized to Son Heung-min on social media shortly after the remark became controversial. “Sonny! I apologize for what happened, it was a very bad joke, you know I love you, I didn’t mean to disrespect you or hurt you, I love you,” he wrote. However, the short apology and lackluster response did not diminish the controversy.

Spurs have yet to comment on the incident, days after it happened. Paul O’Keefe, a leading journalist, said that Spurs had put the matter on hold because they were currently on vacation, and it was unclear if they would comment later. The club’s silence has only exacerbated the situation, with anger growing on Tottenham’s official social media accounts between fans who criticize the controversy and those who defend it as a joke.

In this situation, English Football League journalist and Tottenham journalist Alasdair Gold spoke out about the situation. Gold took to his YouTube channel to comment on the situation and the attitude of some fans.

Summarizing the incident, Gold said that Bentancur’s comments were ‘really stupid’. “Even if there was no malicious slur or intent, the comment itself was undeniably racist,” he said.

He also pointed out some of the allegations. “Some people say it was just a joke,” Gold said. It’s a really bad joke. And it’s a completely incomprehensible logic. That’s the worst way to understand it,” he said, adding that he was also 먹튀검증 outraged by the idea that it was a joke.

In fact, while many fans are still responding to the comments with outrage, some fans have added to the comments with additional comments such as “The club doesn’t have to deal with the incident,” and “Bentancur apologized to Sony, and Sony accepted it,” suggesting that the racism case is already closed.

He also addressed the outrage from fans in South Korea, saying, “Some people are saying that this could cause unnecessary anger. That’s really stupid,” he said, adding, “I’m sure the people who were affected by this comment are hurt, offended, and angry. In the end, his apology was only for Son Heung-min. I think he should have apologized to all Koreans because it was an insult to all Koreans,” he said, explaining that Korean fans are right to be upset about the incident.

He was also concerned about the impact on Tottenham’s Asian tour. The Spurs are scheduled to visit Seoul this summer on their Asia tour. Before the 2024-2025 season, Spurs will travel to South Korea in July for two matches as part of the Coupang 토토사이트 추천 Play Series. They will face Team K-League and Bayern Munich, and the visit has already attracted a lot of attention.

‘Of course Son Heung-min will be on the tour,’ Gold said. I can’t avoid questions about this issue. Everyone will want to know about an incident that has angered so many people. Just because you don’t see that reaction doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” he said, pointing out that if you don’t deal with it, it’s bound to happen in Korea.

Finally, Gold poked fun at apologies again, saying that while his comments may have made fans feel bad, “I’m not going to post an apology on Instagram for a minute.”

Even a dedicated Tottenham journalist weighed in and pointed out exactly what was wrong with the incident. However, Spurs have remained silent. With the Asian Tour coming up, it will be important for the Spurs to address the issue to avoid further problems.


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