SON says he was being used by Tottenham to re-sign after transfer market fiasco

It doesn’t protect against racism. Instead, they’re looking to capitalize on it.

Tottenham Hotspur journalist Paul O’Keefe was asked by a fan on social media on Sunday (July 17) about extending Son’s contract. “Maybe this summer, if Tottenham are unsuccessful in the transfer market, they will sign Son Heung-min,” he replied.

After the end of the season, one of the biggest questions is whether Tottenham will extend Son Heung-min’s contract. Son’s current contract expires at the end of next season. Naturally, it wouldn’t be surprising if Tottenham offered him a new contract.

However, Spurs have been reluctant to extend Son’s contract. Instead of signing Son Heung-min to a long-term contract, the club reportedly triggered a one-year extension option, which was criticized by fans. At 33 years old, Son’s performance is likely to decline in the near future. Recognizing this, Tottenham have been hesitant to sign him to a long-term contract in case his performance declines. As a result, soccer fans have criticized the club for letting one of their legends go.

However, Son Heung-min’s former coach Jose Mourinho took over the reins at Fenerbahce, and local media immediately reported that Mourinho was targeting Son Heung-min. The club’s president, Daniel Levy, quickly dismissed the rumors. The tide has turned and Tottenham are now pushing to re-sign Son Heung-min.

However, the news of Son’s re-signing will take some time. There hasn”t been any news about Thurquié since the transfer speculation. The player himself said that nothing has happened yet.

Son Heung-min played for the South Korean national team against China in the sixth match of the FIFA 2026 World Cup North and Central America second qualifying round in 먹튀검증 Asia. After the match, he spoke directly about re-signing with Tottenham. “I can’t say exactly yet. I haven’t talked about renewing my contract at all, so it’s uncomfortable to hear rumors about it. I am always doing my best for Tottenham and I will continue to do my best. I still have a lot of time left on my contract. It’s important for me as a player to do what I need to do, rather than letting that distract me.”

True to his word, there hasn’t been any concrete news of a new contract. The reason for the delay is shocking. Signing Son was a contingency plan for Tottenham.

If Spurs were to fail in the transfer market this summer, they would be criticized by Spurs fans. According to O’Keefe, Spurs have been saving Son Heung-min for that criticism. The re-signing of one of Tottenham’s greatest legends is sure to please Spurs fans. In the end, re-signing Son Heung-min is a backup plan. Tottenham are using Son Heung-min to their advantage.

If O’Keefe’s allegations are true, they’re likely to have major ramifications. Rodrigo Bentancur’s racism has been a hot topic lately. Bentancur appeared on a local television 사설 토토사이트 program in his native South Korea on March 15, where the host asked him if he would “give Son Heung-min’s jersey”. Bentancur replied, “I could bring his cousin’s jersey and he wouldn’t recognize it. All Asians look the same,” he said. It was a clear racist remark.

The video was shared by fans abroad and then by fans at home, and naturally, Bentancur received a lot of criticism. In response, Bentancur took to social media to apologize, writing, “My brother, Sonny, I apologize for what just happened. It was a very bad joke and it was never my intention to demean or hurt anyone. I love you, Son Heung-min.”

However, Bentancur’s apology was written in a joking tone and lacked sincerity, and it was posted on an Instagram story that disappears after 24 hours. The sincerity of Bentancur’s apology was questionable, and it disappeared after 24 hours.

But Tottenham hasn’t responded to the situation. The team has remained stoic in the face of a player racially abusing its captain. According to O’Keefe, “Tottenham’s leadership is currently on vacation, so they are unlikely to discuss the racism incident.”

Tottenham will host Team K League and Bayern Munich in friendlies on July 31 and August 3 at the Sangam World Cup Stadium. They will be playing in front of their home fans. However, the club hasn”t reacted to the racist incident. If they don”t apologize by the time they arrive, they”ll most likely be booed by the fans.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min has remained silent about the racist incident. He hasn”t taken any position. Tottenham aren”t doing him any favors. Instead, they”re trying to use him to their advantage.


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