Pickering Receives First Payment At OLG Casino

Pickering, Ontario, has just received its first shot of gaming revenue from the Ontario Lottery and Game Company for the hosting of the Pickering Casino Resort. However, while the gaming facility was officially opened for sponsors on July 26, 2021, a local gaming expert warns not to forget the potential negative impact and says finding the right balance is important.

According to OLG, there is no doubt that the revenue payment will be quite beneficial at Pickering, as the first quarter payment at Pickering is C$2,439,575. Mayor Dave Ryan said the money will be used to support the city’s infrastructure and economy. Moreover, as health regulations loosen, revenue payments are expected to increase in the future.

In a recent interview, addiction councillor Alexandria Baker reminded us that despite its benefits to the local economy, the city should not forget about the potential negative effects of casinos. According to her, the higher the accessibility, the higher the risk, so 3-5 percent of locals are likely to experience gambling.

Baker, a registered psychotherapist at Lakeridge Health, advises frequent casinos to be alert to warnings of such gambling disorders. This includes spending more time on gambling than they usually spend on various forms of entertainment. Another indication could be that someone spends more than 1% of their income gambling.

Tony Bitonti, a spokesperson for OLG, was confident that the Crown Corporation was invested in providing responsible games. He says the warning features and self-exclude options implemented in the game are good examples of the company’s attempts to address this issue and raise awareness. Mr. Vitonti also said Crown’s casino, which has a PlaySmart banner, provides players with insight such as true game odds.

Pickering’s intention now is to use some of the game’s revenue for the Durham area to use for social programs, such as to alleviate the negative aspects of gambling. And according to Alex King of the Canadian Mental Health Association Durham, this is a step in the right direction that mental health and addiction should not be underestimated.

Pickering Casino Resort held its official grand opening on July 26, 2021, after a green light from the Ontario provincial government for the safe opening of casinos. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s real estate rollout has been delayed several times but is now operational. The facility impresses with more than 2,400 slot machines, 100 table games and many live dealer stadium terminals, giving many customers a variety of options.

Under the municipality contribution agreement, OLG is required to pay non-tax gaming revenue payments to Ontario municipalities to host casinos. The Crown Corporation has recently begun allotments and has done the same before

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