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Hwang In-beom “The national team is united with pride “The dream of advancing to the big leagues remains unchanged.”

Two awards this season, Player of the Year “Thank you to my team” “Advancing to the big leagues has been my dream since childhood. “I will take on the challenge.”

Hwang In-beom, who ended the season with a victory over China, also spoke about his thoughts and about the recent big league transfer rumors.

The Korean national soccer team secured the top seed in the third preliminary round by winning the final 6th home game of Group C of the Asian region’s second qualifying round group stage for the ‘2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup’ held against China at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 11th. .

Hwang In-beom, who met with reporters in the mixed zone after the game, said, “I will have more conversations with the players and go into the third preliminary round with more awareness of what parts we need to prepare for,” and added, “We will secure advancement to the World Cup finals with the best results possible.” “I promise I will build it,” he said.

Regarding the new players who played in the last two games, he said, “The seven new players who joined this time have proven themselves to be capable and good players.” 안전놀이터

He said, “The fact that many new players are joining the national team means that there are many players who are showing good performance in their respective leagues.” He added, “I don’t know which new players will join and who will be missing in September (3rd round of North and Central America World Cup qualifiers), but it is one thing. “We will build the national team together with a goal,” he said.

He continued, “As the national team represents the Republic of Korea, if the players have pride and responsibility, they will be able to come together strongly no matter who comes.” 슬롯사이트

Looking back on the past year as a member of the national team, he said, “We went through a harsh experience in the Asian Cup last January, and we drew a draw against Thailand last March even though it was a home game.” He added, “The third qualifying round is more difficult, so it is more difficult not only for the players personally but also administratively. “It must be supported,” he urged. Hwang In-beom added, “If we decide quickly on matters that need to be decided and play a role in helping Korean soccer move forward, the players will fulfill their roles as players.” Regarding the past year with his team, he said, “It was a season in which I gained so much as a player.” In-Beom Hwang, who left Greece last summer and joined Serbian professional soccer team Crvena Zvezda, immediately took over as the team’s starting player and won two league and cup competitions. He scored a total of 6 goals and 7 assists during the season, including 5 goals and 5 assists in the league and 1 goal and 1 assist in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), producing double-digit attack points, and was honored to be selected as the league’s best player for the 2023-2024 season. I even got it. Regarding this, Hwang In-beom said, “I had the honor of lifting the championship trophy for the first time since his professional debut,” and “I even received the Player of the Year award, which I never expected.” He continued, “I am sincerely grateful to my team, and there will be challenges I will face as a player next season, so I will not hesitate to face them in order to become a better player.” Regarding the recent big league transfer rumors, he said, “I am cautious about giving an answer as there are fans who give me undeserved love and my current team that saved my career in a difficult situation due to various issues with my former team,” but added, “Nevertheless, as a player, Hwang In-beom “The dream has not changed since the beginning,” he said. Hwang In-beom replied, “As the club knows my dream very well, I will think carefully about it through conversation and make a choice. Whatever choice I make, I want to create a better Hwang In-beom.” He added, “Korean soccer fans also want to see at least one player play on a better stage,” adding, “As a player, I also have a sense of responsibility to want to satisfy the fans more.” Lastly, regarding the rumor about his teammate Seol Young-woo’s transfer to Zvezda, he replied, “The club asked me first, and of course I answered that he was a very good player, but it is difficult to say that I recommended it.” However, he said, “It is true that the club is interested,” and “I believe that not only Youngwoo, but all players looking for a new team will make good choices with the development of Korean soccer in mind.” 토토사이트 추천

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