Han Sung Motor introduces industry’s first used car refund program

A poster is seen introducing the new used car refund program by Han Sung Motor, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz Korea. Han Sung Motor said Tuesday that it will launch a service where customers who purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle can get a full refund without any penalty if they are unsatisfied within three days of driving it. Courtesy of Han Sung Motor

Han Sung Motor, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, introduced the industry’s first “3-Day Home Service Refund” program for certified pre-owned vehicles, allowing customers to receive a 100 percent refund without penalty if they are unsatisfied, the company said Tuesday.

The company said its 3-Day Home Service Refund program is a service that provides a 100 percent refund without penalty if the consumer is unsatisfied after sufficiently driving a Mercedes-Benz’s certified pre-owned vehicle for three days after purchase.

Established in 1985, Han Sung Motor operates the largest network for an imported car dealer in the Korean market, with 24 showrooms nationwide, 27 service centers and nine certified pre-owned vehicle showrooms.

Han Sung Motor said it introduced this service based on its confidence in the quality of certified used cars that have passed Mercedes-Benz’s strict 198-point certification process, adding it aims to further enhance consumer convenience and trust in online purchases.

The eligible vehicles will be selected monthly through Han Sung Motor’s certified pre-owned vehicle website. The service can be used by inquiring about the home service that includes home delivery to the desired location.

Han Sung Motor said consumers can return the car and receive a refund through a simple process. 안전 Consumers can return the car on the third day of purchase if they are unsatisfied. If they want a refund, they can return the car to a designated certified used car showroom and get their money back within five days.

“Through the introduction of this three-day refund program, we have enhanced the convenience of easily experiencing and making a purchase decision for strictly certified Mercedes-Benz pre-owned vehicles online,” Ulf Ausprung, CEO of Han Sung Motor, said.

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