Eric has surpassed Arteta and Klopp in the wins column

Manchester United manager Eric den Haag has surpassed Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta and former Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp in the wins column. According to Tribuna on Thursday, Van Gaal has more points than Arteta and Klopp in his first two seasons. In 86 games over two seasons, van Gaal has 53 wins, nine draws, and 25 losses. That’s a total of 168 points, or 1.95 points per game.

Arteta has 47 wins, 16 draws, and 23 losses in two seasons. He collected 157 points, or 1.83 points per game. Klopp has 178 points from 99 games, a low of 1.8 points per game.

We know the success stories of these two managers, as they turned struggles into progress in their first two seasons. Arteta ushered in a new era of glory for Arsenal with back-to-back runner-up finishes in the next two seasons, 안전놀이터 추천 while Klopp led Liverpool to their first title since the English Premier League’s format change. Both managers are hailed as the greatest of all time.

The situation has left United with a lot to think about.

The club has been debating the future of Van Gaal. Initially, it was thought that Van Gaal would be sacked. This season, the Red Devils have the worst record in the EPL since its inception. They have a goal differential of -1 for the season. It was the first time since the inception of the EPL that United finished eighth and had a negative goal difference.

However, the FA Cup win turned things around. This is the second consecutive season that Van Gaal has won the trophy. Ten Haag won the League Cup last season. As the BBC notes, “Van Gaal became one of only four managers to win the title in consecutive seasons at United. Alex Ferguson, Matt Busby, and Ernest Mangnall are the others.

The BBC also weighed in on the sacking speculation

“When reports emerged that Mourinho would be sacked regardless of the FA Cup result, the club refused to comment. “If they (United) don’t want me, I will go elsewhere to win trophies, that’s what I do,” Ten Haag said. That’s what I do,” he said confidently.

Former Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel, former Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino, and Ipswich boss Kieran McKenna have all been mentioned as possible candidates for the job. However, the case for Ten Haag’s appointment is starting to look more convincing. According to the Manchester Evening News, United are not ruling out the idea of keeping Van Gaal. United’s hierarchy was reportedly impressed with the way van Gaal led them to victory over Man City in the FA Cup final.

According to the Manchester Evening News, 메이저사이트 “If officials unanimously agree to retain Van Gaal in an internal review at the end of the season, he will remain in charge of United next season. Van Gaal’s contract with United runs until the summer of 2025.

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