The story of a man in the heyday of foreign directors is added

In the men’s division, a large number of foreign coaches have been appointed. Following the previous Korean Air (Tommy Tilikainen) and OK Financial Group (Ogino Massage), coach Miguel Rivera of KB Insurance, Philip Blanc of Hyundai Capital, and Mauricio Paes of Woori Card will debut from next season. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (Kim Sang-woo) and Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kwon Young-min) are the only two coaches in Korea.

It is a new variable and interesting factor that has emerged in the men’s division. Tommy and Ogino had a showdown at the championship game last season. Ogino had an impressive first year as a coach, stressing communication and system. For this reason, the key to the team led by foreign coaches is what color of volleyball the rest of the country will display in the upcoming season.

The 2024 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s foreign player tryout in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), continued to have “variables,” adding to the fun. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and OK Financial Group did not renew their contracts with Yosvani (Cuba, Italy) and Leo (Cuba), respectively, but they were eventually ranked sixth and seventh in the nomination order and dropped their heads.

On the contrary, Korean Air, which was ranked first with a probability of 3.57 percent, chose Yosvani, and Hyundai Capital, the second, chose Leo. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which received the sixth pick, chose Mattei Kok (Slovenia), who left after playing for Woori Card last season due to injury in his left ankle. The three will play in the V-League next season by changing uniforms.

Yosvani and Leo are proven resources in the V-League. In particular, Yosvani played for Korean Air as a substitute for the 2020-2021 season. Last season, he also scored 1,068 points in 36 games for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. He is so aggressive that he ranks first in scoring and serving.

Needless to say, Leo was the MVP of the regular season league. Most of them were ranked at the top of the list of attack indicators, including scoring, attacking, serving (ranked second above), and ranking first in open attack. With Leo’s addition, Hyundai Capital will form a formidable offensive triangle formation with Jeon Kwang-in and Heo Soo-bong. On the contrary, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and OK Financial Group have a task to fill the gap between them.

Manuel Luconi of Italy, who was selected by OK Financial Group coach Ogiino, is 192.1 centimeters tall but has a Sargent jump of 98 centimeters. Luconi said, “I am a different player from Leo. I believe I can do better (than Leo). I can play more team games.”

In particular, Mattei will have to deal with Woori Card’s teammates from next season as an enemy. Mattei said, “We have continued to have strong relations with our card players and we still have good relations. If I declare war, I would like to say that the better team will win,” as I always say.

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