SSG upset with Hanwha decision, asks KBO for explanation

SSG Landers has requested an explanation from the KBO regarding the umpire’s call against the Hanwha Eagles on Friday.

The SSG team lost 2-4 against Hanwha at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on May 25. This was SSG’s sixth straight loss.

The game had some ambiguous circumstances. In the top of the sixth inning, Chae Eun-sung hit a shallow fly to right field, but right fielder Ha Jae-hoon rushed forward to make the catch.

The ball was caught with the glove almost touching the ground, making it hard to tell if it was an out or a hit, so the umpire called it an out. At this point, Ahn Chi-hong, the first baseman, returned to first base instead of going to second.

After checking the situation, Ha Jae-hoon threw the ball to the infielders, and shortstop Park Sung-han caught the ball for confirmation and took second base.

However, Hanwha requested a video review, and after three minutes of review, the call was overturned as a hit instead of an out.

The umpire then ordered Ahn Chi-hong, who was at first base, to move to second base. Lee then came off the bench and appealed to the umpires, saying that even if it was a hit, the runner at first base should be out. However, the call was not changed and Lee was ejected.

“This situation is similar to the one in the LG Twins game on September 21st last year, but they made a different call,” said an SSG official.

SSG had the bases loaded in the eighth inning of the LG game in Incheon on September 21 last year, and Park Sung-ki hit a ball down the first base line. The ball hit the body of 토토사이트 first base umpire Woo Hyo-dong, who first called a foul and then declared the ball dead.

However, LG requested a video review, and the call was overturned to fair. The umpires then ruled that Han Yoo-seom, who did not run to second base, would have been out at second base even if the call was fair. The runner on third base was allowed to score, leaving the game tied at 2-2 and 3-3.

“The situation is similar to this one, and we ask the KBO to explain why they applied a hypothetical out that Han Yoo-seom would not have gotten to second base then and did not do the same for Ahn Chi-hong, the first baseman, this time,” the SSG official said.

Meanwhile, on September 21, 2023, referee Park Ki-taek, who was serving as the third base umpire in the 카지노사이트 SSG-LG game, ordered the ejection after a long conversation with then SSG coach Kim Won-hyung.

On the same day, Park was umpiring the SSG-Hanhwa game, and he had a conversation with Lee about the situation in the sixth inning and ordered Lee to leave the game.

SSG will be disappointed that the same umpire made different decisions in similar situations.


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