Doosan’s bat is on fire, and the opponent is the leader in the eight-game winning streak

Doosan`s recent momentum is so frightening that it reminds me of something out of the blue. The team dominated the doubleheader with KT that took place in Jamsil on Wednesday, winning all three games of the series, and winning eight consecutive games from the game against LG that took place in Jamsil on Wednesday last week. KT also had five consecutive wins before it played against Doosan, and Doosan was overwhelmed in the race between momentum and momentum. The record of 11 consecutive wins last season, which has rewritten its team history, is now within reach.

Doosan had only three consecutive wins before winning eight consecutive games, but the power of its bat is the driving force behind its continuous driving. During its winning streak, Doosan bombed the opponent team’s mound with a batting average of 0.364 with a team OPS of 0.984. Except for one game against LG on Thursday, Doosan scored five or more points in total. He also scored two games with 10 or more points. Even considering that Doosan had some luck during its winning streak, including the first game of a doubleheader with KT on Sunday and the early replacement of its opponent team starter Wes Benjamin, he showed off his overwhelming performance.

He hit nine home runs during his winning streak, with a slugging percentage of 0.559. It is a hot hit that matches Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, who was the best home run hitter in the league and was called the “national hitter.”

If Doosan won 11 consecutive games last season on the strength of the mound, its consecutive wins will be even more damaging. During the eight consecutive games, Doosan had 60 points and 24 points, averaging 7.5 points and three points per game. During the 11-game losing streak from July 1 to 25, last year, Doosan scored 64 points and allowed 23 points. It averaged 5.82 points per game and 2.09 points per game. Notably, most of the games saw Doosan endure through the middle to the second half of the game with the mound until the end of the game, before displaying concentration at the venue to win the game. Eight of the 11 consecutive games were won by a three-point margin, and the six games were games in which the team had a two-point lead until the sixth inning or was losing altogether.

During the recent winning streak period, the batting blew up greatly, leading to a victory by a large margin, which reduced the bullpen’s load. Two games were played on the 12th alone, but Lee Byung-hun and Kim Taek-yeon, who have been on the mound frequently recently, took a rest. Among the must-win groups, Choi Ji-gang and Hong Geon-hee pitched just 0.1 innings each.

Doosan, which has recorded 24 wins and 19 losses overall through eight consecutive wins, quickly moved up to fifth place. It is lagging behind LG in only the winning percentage, two games behind NC and Samsung, which are tied for second, and just 2.5 games behind the leading Kia Tigers.

Doosan will hold three consecutive games against KIA in Gwangju from Friday. Yang Hyun-jong has already been confirmed as the opponent team’s starting pitcher on Tuesday, and he will meet James Nail and Yoon Young-cheol in turn if the team follows the rotation. The hit that exploded during the winning streak will be put to the test against top-rated starters in the league. If Doosan secures all three consecutive games in Gwangju, it will be tied with the team’s winning streak set last year. Depending on the results of other teams’ games, it may become the lone lead in the league. Of course, it is premature to predict this, but a simple calculation is the case.

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