There’s no such thing as this in the world Strasburg’s final retirement

There seems to be no more malicious contract in the Major League in the future. Steven Strasburg (36) has finally retired.

The Washington Nationals officially announced Strasburg’s retirement on the 7th (Korean time). Washington said on its SNS, “Thank you, Stras.”

Strasburg said in an earlier statement that she had made several attempts to throw the ball back.

“However, I realized that I could no longer throw at the major league level due to my injury,” he said, officially expressing his intention to retire.

He will receive all the money. Strasburg’s remaining contract will be paid in installments through 2029. This is the birth of the worst eating and running player in the Major League.

A three-year contract worth $105 million between Washington and Strasburg remains. This $105 million will be paid in installments until 2029.

Earlier, Washington and Strasburg signed a seven-year, $245 million contract ahead of the 2020 season. Even then, the deal sparked controversy.

Worrying quickly became a reality. Strasburg pitched 31 1/3 innings in just eight games from 2020 to last year, posting a 6.89 ERA.

Strasburg, who won the MVP award by leading his team to win the World Series in 2019, quickly turned into a skit.
Strasburg is known to have suffered serious injuries that not only pitch as a pitcher but also make everyday life impossible.

Washington effectively wasted $245 million. The $245 million that Washington paid for the joy of winning the World Series was too high.

Announcing his retirement, Strasburg said, “When I was young, all I dreamed of was winning the World Series,” adding, “I achieved my dream in 2019 thanks to my teammates, coaches and medical staff.”

“I also want to thank the late owner Ted Runner and his family,” he said. “I was very lucky to play baseball in Washington.”

Strasburg, who played in the Major League for 13 years, pitched 1470 innings in 247 games, recording 113 wins and 62 losses with an ERA of 3.24. He has 1,723 strikeouts.

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