Spectator-A skit that took place due to inconsiderate coach protests against players

The game between the SK Hawks and Chungnam Provincial Government in Game 4 of the men’s fourth round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 handball H League, scheduled to be held at 8 p.m. on the 20th, was not held due to the coach’s protest.

Fans who had a quick dinner for the first time in a long time and even waved and greeted the players on the court at the handball gym to cheer for their favorite players with their family and friends would not have imagined that the game would be canceled.

The crowd, who waited for almost 20 minutes without knowing why, eventually went back without seeing the game.

This is because the coach, who was waiting for the start of the game, raised an objection, and the confiscation was declared as the protest continued beyond the prescribed time. Fans who visited the stadium had no choice but to stand up with a despondent look on their faces when the announcer said the game was canceled due to the forfeiture loss.

It wasn’t a protest against the referee’s biased judgment in the middle of the game. It wasn’t like the team was leaving. The absurd situation in which the team was confiscated and lost due to an objection in time for the start of the game was incomprehensible for any reason.

The problem was caused by the SK Hawks’ recent registration as an A-player. It happened when South Chungcheong Provincial Office coach Kim Tae-hoon filed an objection for nearly 20 minutes, saying there was a problem with the player’s registration. If there is a problem with the player’s registration, it should be raised and corrected of course, but the player already played in two games since the Samcheok game two weeks ago. If there really was a problem with the player’s registration, it would have been possible to raise the issue as much as possible, not the start time of the game.

They should have raised objections at least 30 minutes after the previous game, when the players were given warm-up time. However, raising objections in time for the start of the game as if they had been waiting, and continuing their protest for nearly 20 minutes despite explanations from officials, seemed to indicate that they had no intention of playing from the beginning.

To play a game, coaches and players analyze each other’s teams and train and sweat numerous times to match the teams. Officials try to create the best stage so that such players can fully display their skills on the court. Then, the audience comes and cheers together, encourages the players, and an event is complete.

Both players and spectators are indispensable for this kind of event. This is because the H-League is an event that is held to showcase to the audience, not just for their own records and performance, such as a farewell competition or a long-term competition.

The H-League launched a broadcasting channel and promoted handball through YouTube or media outlets only for the purpose of publicizing the sport to many people and communicating with many people. The forfeiture is nothing short of putting a damper on such efforts to popularize handball and create a culture of cheering for audiences.

The stands at the handball stadium are always very quiet. With the exception of a few cities where handball is active, about 100 to 200 spectators visit every day. However, this is also a fan and spectator that has been holding a league since 2011. How many sports are played in Korea while receiving admission fees? In fact, it is almost impossible to play such a league in an unpopular sport.

Because the team consistently held leagues and communicated with spectators, the number of spectators constantly visiting the gymnasium is increasing, whether it be 100 or 200. All handball players’ aspirations and companies have worked together for more than 10 years to achieve this achievement. It was regrettable that there was no consideration given to spectators who visited the gymnasium for long. What is the difference from a coach kicking fans who were happy and sad with him.

As the team lost due to confiscation, the disadvantage was returned to the team of the South Chungcheong Provincial Government. Not only that but also its players are inevitably suffering losses in their personal records. Records are the result of the combination of players’ efforts and talents, and they serve as the criterion for judging players. Right now, the victim is the player under coach Kim Tae-hoon. If the decision was made entirely by the coach alone, it should be considered whether this was also an overuse of power against the players.

Of course, it is necessary to raise an objection to the wrong part. Since the Korea Handball Federation has been launched for the first time, it may not be perfect, so it is not just the federation’s members who raise objection to something that does not fit, correct it and fix it perfectly. Both club officials and handball fans should join forces to complete the project.

They can only refund the admission fee because they didn’t see the game, but they can’t give back the precious time wasted by those who visited the stadium. In addition, the absurdity of those who have been waiting for the broadcast, the damage caused by the cancellation of the broadcast, and the efforts of the staff who worked hard to prepare for the game are enormous in terms of the number of damages caused by confiscation and defeat.

I want you to know that it takes a lot of effort to make the players and coaches stand out even more while they are in the spotlight. And the coach also directs and leads the players, but I hope you don’t forget that he is one of the staff who helps the players play well under any circumstances.

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