Jeju asks to reopen closed casinos by October, or says why not

South Korea’s Jeju government (pictured) has asked foreign-only casinos, which have still been closed since the COVID-19 pandemic, to reopen from Oct. 1.

Five of the island’s eight foreign-only locations were still suspended as of Tuesday. Some previously cited a slow recovery in tourism as a reason for delays in reopening.

Jeju Sun Hotels and Casino, a real estate at Bloomberry Resorts Corp. listed in the Philippines, responded to phone inquiries Tuesday and confirmed that it will reopen to GGRAsia on Oct. 3. Jeju Sun’s operations have been suspended since March 21, 2020.

A spokesperson for Mega Luck Casino, run by Hong Kong-listed New Silk Road Culture Container Ltd, recently announced that its gaming business will move to the Shilla Hotel on Jeju Island. GGRA said that it will resume business from Nov. 1.

The latest interim report filed in Hong Kong on Aug. 28 showed that New Silk Road did not record any entertainment business revenue, including its stake in the Jeju casino, in the six months to June 30, as it did in the first half of 2021.

A government spokesman on the semi-autonomous holiday island of Jeju, which has the authority to oversee permits for domestic casinos, told GGRAsia: “Our official position is to reopen because we see no reason to continue suspending all closed foreign-only casinos until Oct. 1.”

The official added: “If you want to keep stopping any of them, you will have to consult us in advance with good reason.

The other three that are currently suspended are Gongji Jeju Casino located at Ramada Plaza by Windham Jeju Ocean Front Hotel, Jeju Oriental Hotel and Casino, and Yalanwan Casino, which is said to be moving to Lotte Hotel Jeju. Each of the three told GGRAsia that they currently have no reopening schedule to open.

Currently, there are three book properties in use: Jeju Dream Tower Casino operated by Lotte Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Landing Casino operated by Hong Kong-listed Landing International Development Co., Ltd. at Jeju Shinhwa World Resort, and Paradise Casino Jeju Grand operated by Paradise Co., Ltd.

A press release from South Korea’s Ministry of Justice on Aug. 26 said South Korea will be extended beyond Aug. 31, a visa-free entry plan that can be applied to passport holders in many countries and regions, including mainland China.

A visa-free scheme to visit Jeju for some passport holders began on June 1, described at the time as a “restart” of some pre-pandemic preparations.

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