Islamic soccer hero Salah was recruited from Saudi


Mohamed Salah Salah is expected to go to Saudi Arabia with a £70 million transfer fee despite the age of 32.
Britain’s “Talk Sports” reported that Salah’s trip to Saudi Arabia, which has always attracted attention since the Saudi soccer community began to spend a large transfer fee, has once again become a hot topic.

It is said that RITHAD, one of the teams actively investing in the Saudi professional league, has approached Salah to recruit him.
The £70 million transfer fee reportedly offered is an exceptional amount.

Salah is 32 years old, relatively old, and he has only about a year left on his contract with Liverpool.
However, it has been reduced by about half compared to the transfer fee reportedly offered last summer.

The Asian Football Confederation Champions League (UCL) is also looking forward to recruiting Salah

Alhilal, who is currently leading the professional league and is also cruising in the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (UCL), is also aiming for Salah.
Alhilal has been out all season due to long-term injuries immediately after Neymar, who had expected to be a leading striker, was recruited.

Salah’s salary offer is unknown, but the contract period is known to be three years.
Another offer that a 32-year-old striker can receive is a long-term contract.

If the ultra-high annual salary that can be received when transferring to Saudi Arabia is guaranteed for three years, it can sit on the fence.
Some predict that Salah will not go anywhere as well as Saudi Arabia.

After fulfilling all remaining contracts with Liverpool, he is expected to become a free agent and find a new team.
In this case, the Saudi soccer community could once again approach Salah next summer.

If Salah is seriously considering going to Saudi Arabia, he can refer to how satisfied his teammates Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino are among the existing star players.
The reason why he is particularly obsessed with recruiting Salah seems to be because Salah, the Egyptian representative, is a representative Muslim soccer player.

In particular, RITHAD has collected representative Muslim players such as Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante.

Mohamed Salah is expected to remain in Liverpool

Ace player Mohamed Salah is expected to remain in Liverpool after rejecting Saudi Arabia’s offer.
Saudi Arabia, which heated up the transfer market this summer, strengthened its squad by bringing in Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, Riyad Mahrez, and Roberto Firmino.

Salah was also one of the targets for recruitment that they were eyeing, and Saudi Arabia offered an offer worth about 100 billion won, but nothing came back.
According to the British 토토사이트 media, Salah’s agent said, “Salah stays in Liverpool.

If he had considered leaving, he wouldn’t have re-signed with the club.
Salah is still committed to Liverpool,” he said.

Salah is Liverpool even though he could get more than five times the weekly wage.
Meanwhile, Salah will accompany Liverpool until 2025 on a three-year contract extension last summer.

Liverpool is currently preparing for the new PL season, and will not play in this Champions League after failing to qualify for the finals last season.

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