Who is the first batter?”We need a piece left in Hanwha and a dynamite ignition point

In fact, two to five rounds are decided. Jonathan Peraza, An Chi-hong, Noh Si-hwan, and Chae Eun-sung will be in the top order. The key is the leadoff position. For now, Jung Eun-won has been in the leadoff position since the first day of the exhibition game. Jeong, who was named the MVP of the spring camp, successfully transitioned from infield to outfielder during the camp period. Even in an unfamiliar outfield, he received a passing score from Choi Won-ho for his agile judgment.

As Jung Eun-won moves to the outfield, Moon Hyun-bin’s second baseman, An Chi-hong’s first baseman, and Chae Eun-sung’s appointment as a designated hitter will be combined. We look at the best 9, which is competitive in both offense and defense. Jung Eun-won will play left field, and Lee Jin-young is likely to play center field and right field. Outfield is also open to Choi In-ho, Kim Kang-min and Kim Tae-yeon.

He does not just play defense. He needs to show value at bat to make sense in calculations. As important as left fielder Jeong Eun-won’s defense, his batting is as important as that of the first batter. The best scenario is to recover the form of 2021, when he played with an on-base percentage of 0.407. If the on-base machine is reproduced three years ago, the number of big innings that Hanwha will record in the new season may naturally increase.

There is another option after Jung Eun-won. Choi left a strong impression on him by playing in the first division in the second half of last year. After finishing his military service at Sangmu, he hit a batting average of 0.298 in 41 games. He is the most outstanding hitter in Hanwha at the end of this season, and he showed better-than-expected results.

“We do not have enough time. We have already finished half of the exhibition games.” During the exhibition games through Friday, Jung had a batting average of 0.083 (one hit from 12 times at bat) and Choi had a batting average of 0.111 (one hit from nine times at bat). For Hanwha, it could be regrettable that although there are few players in the exhibition games, no player has advanced in size.

If the team fails to find an answer until the exhibition game, it will completely readjust the team. Then, the team could change its defense structure again. Although the exhibition game requires more process than outcome, Hanwha needs results when it comes to first hitter. Last year, Hanwha had a batting average of 0.250, and its on-base percentage was 0.343. The on-base percentage was ninth in the batting average of first hitter at the 10th team and sixth in the on-base percentage.

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