The legendary striker is shaking with SON.

He is the best goaltender, which even the legend of the opposing team recognized. Gabriel Agbonlaher (38) is wary of Son Heung-min (32) of Tottenham Hotspur.

British media “The Boot Room” illuminated on the 8th (Korea time), saying, “Agbonlaher said he was afraid” of a Tottenham player ahead of the 28th round of the Aston Villa English Premier League (EPL). The player Agbonlaher pointed to was Tottenham captain Son Heung-min.

Agbonlaher, who has 86 goals and 60 assists in 391 matches for Villa, said on Talk Sports, “I hope Villa will win, but I am so afraid of Son. With Tottenham’s pace, Villa will struggle. I expect a 3-3 draw.”

He picked Son Heung-min as the most threatening player to his old team. Agbonlaher saw Villa as the best opponent for Son Heung-min to use his advantage. Billy and Tottenham will face off in a Premier League match at 10 p.m. on the 10th. Agbonlaher said, “This will be the best game of the day. The two teams form a high defensive line. There will be a lot of back space. I expect a lot of points.”

“The Bootroom” also noted Son’s toes. Boasting world-class goal-getting ability and speed, the team named Son as a key player in the match against Villa. “Tottenham attackers enjoy running at a high speed behind the opponent team’s defense,” said the team. “Son Heung-min, Timo Werner (27), and Brennan Johnson (22). In addition, through-pass expert James Maddison (26) also exists.”

In fact, Villa enjoyed a lot of pressure from their high defense line. “Tottenham can take advantage of Villa’s pressure,” the “Douboutroom” team said. “Billa succeeded by manager Unai Emery’s tactics. However, there are risks to it as well. Manager Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham Hotspur will like to see their opponents come to higher ground.”

Son, wearing the Tottenham captain’s armband before the start of the 2023-2024 season, is recognized as a key striker and a spiritual supporter of the team. “He is world-class. He has played an amazing role for Tottenham over the years,” said Son. “Since the beginning of this season, he has played an incredible role as a captain.” Son Heung-min started 22 Premier League games and scored 13 goals and six assists. He is having a great season and on the day he plays, he will be able to knock down any team.”

Son has scored six goals in eight matches against Villa. In particular, he was strong in hitting all of them at a critical moment. He scored a hat-trick in 32 rounds during the 2021-2022 season, spearheading his team’s 4-0 victory. At the time, Tottenham was desperate in every match to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Moreover, Son was competing with Mohamed Salah of Liverpool for the top scorer.

Son scored his 17th goal, narrowing the gap with Salah (20 goals) to a three-goal gap. Son scored multiple goals in the match against Norwich City, the last round, and grabbed his first ever Golden Boot in the Premier League with a total of 23 goals. Son is also the first Asian player to become the top scorer in the Premier League.

The upcoming battle for Villa is also a watershed moment in their battle for the fourth place. Tottenham is in fifth place with 15 wins, five draws, six losses and 50 points from 26 matches. Villa are in fourth place, which is a place to qualify for the Champions League, with 17 wins, four draws, six losses and 55 points from 27 matches. Tottenham can also overturn its ranking based on the victory of the upcoming showdowns and the results of the remaining matches.

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