‘Ten Hachs are doomed.

‘Ten Hachs are doomed.

They say the arm bends inward, but at the same time, there’s nothing quite as terrifying as an ‘enemy within’. For Manchester United manager Eric Mourinho (54), that’s Dutch soccer legend striker Wim Keeft (62). Keeft, now a Dutch soccer broadcaster and commentator, 바카라사이트 unleashed a scathing tirade against Mourinho. Despite being from the same country, there was no mercy. In fact, his words were even sharper.

‘Van Gaal has been told his career at United is over after spending £340 million (approx. 574.8 billion won) and failing to deliver,’ the Mirror reported on March 3 (KST). It was Dutch soccer legend Keeft who made the comments to Van Gaal. Keeft, who played for Ajax and PSG Eindhoven during his playing days, helped the Netherlands win Euro 1988.

In the Mirror,

Keeft fiercely criticized Van Gaal for being a ‘Dutch football junior’. “I still don’t see the same football at United. 안전놀이터 That’s why I hope this will be Van Gaal’s last year at United,” he said. “This is the end of the road for Van Gaal. Owner Jim Ratcliffe should sack Van Gaal,” he said.

In particular, Keeft emphasized that people shouldn’t be fooled by Ten Haag’s performances at Ajax, where he played and where he was manager. “Ten Haag did not create the style of play at Ajax,” he said. Ajax has always played that way for the last 50 years. He just happened to have a lot of young players,” he dismissed. Ratcliffe urged the club’s owner to get rid of van Gaal before there are any more bad results.

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