Kim Moon-hwan’s Lost One Year Under Clinsman that he really wants to recover against Thailand

There is a player who was a built-in member of the Korean national soccer team and suddenly disappeared in the past year. It is right back Kim Moon-hwan. Can Kim Moon-hwan, who was called back after a year, be recognized for his value as a national team again through the match against Thailand?

The Korean national soccer team led by Hwang Sun-hong will face off against the Thai national soccer team in the fourth round of Group C of the second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup, which is scheduled at 9:30 p.m. on the 26th (Korea time) at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok. Korea showed signs of slowing down as it tied 1-1 at home in the third round match against Thailand, which took place at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul on the night of the 21st. Korea must win the upcoming match against Thailand.

While preparing for the upcoming match against Thailand, Hwang selected a large number of players who had not been appointed by former coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Notably, it is noteworthy that players who had been rarely used by the national team during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar but were shunned after the establishment of Klinsmann’s system rejoined the team. Baek Seung-ho and Kim Moon-hwan are the main players, who stepped on the pitch in the last match against Thailand. However, Kim was not ordered to play in the team.

Kim may be one of the most bizarrely lost players in the history of the Korean national soccer team. During the Qatar World Cup, Kim played full-time in starting all four games that the team played, with the full trust of coach Paulo Bento. In terms of playing time, Kim was the only player who played important roles in the team. However, Kim was not used at all under Klinsmann.

He was called in March last year for the two consecutive games against Colombia and Uruguay, but it was only a “Qatar World Cup member show-up” for Klinsmann, who had no information on Korean players. Kim has not been called since the two consecutive games against Peru and El Salvador in June when Klinsmann picked players. He turned a blind eye to Kim even though it was worth calling him at least once to check him out.

“It would be a lie if I hadn’t thought about why I couldn’t be called,” Kim said in a meeting with “Best Eleven” in Doha, Qatar in October last year. “I don’t know. I just have to wait in my situation.”

When asked if he had received any “homework” from Klinsmann, he said, “I haven’t received any such messages.” At the time, Kim was strongly eager to participate in the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup, but he was frustrated that he was being shunned for some reason. However, Kim was not even a veteran in his 30s. Kim is a 28-year-old player in his prime.

As the period of being shunned became longer, the given situation changed a lot. Seol Young-woo, who used to be a “rookie,” has now grown into a right-back built-in. In fact, Seol Young-woo was in charge of the right touchline in the last home match against Thailand. When Seol Young-woo lost his arm during the game for a while, Kim Moon-hwan was caught preparing in a hurry, but eventually he had to sit back on the bench when Seol Young-woo returned to normal.

The situation in which a junior, who was not even seen on the list when he left the national team, took root in his position is a symbol of how much Kim Moon-hwan has lost over the past year. This is why he expressed that he was a built-in player and suddenly lost his presence.

It is unclear whether Kim Moon-hwan will be selected against Thailand on the 26th. It may be difficult to accept, but it is also a clear reality for Kim Moon-hwan that Seol Young-woo is chosen first as the main right back. And as it is a World Cup qualifying round, it is not very likely that Hwang will change his defense line.

However, Kim will have to prove his presence and qualification as a national team member by pouring everything he has into the pitch if he is ordered to do so. Only then can he regain his lost position.

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