“Bullet Double-Home Run” is expected to be a big hit. Lee Jung-hoo also caught Saber

Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants), who succeeded in entering the Major League after receiving the best treatment from Asian fielders, is hitting amazingly from the exhibition game.

Major League Baseball’s official website, , mentioned 12 notable stat cast records in this spring training exhibition game on the 4th (Korea time).

According to him, Lee ranked third in the latest announcement. noted Lee’s appearance in the game, when his first official home run in the U.S. was hit.

In an exhibition game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 1st, Lee Jung-hoo hit a home run and a double, respectively. It was his first home run in the U.S. and two long hits.

According to Statcast, Lee Jung-hoo hit a 99.7-mile double and a 109.7-mile home run in the same game. The 109.7-mile mark is a very fastball, which is about 176.5 km.
The ability to produce fastballs is highly likely to lead to good performance. Despite the exhibition game, Lee Jung-hoo’s batting has attracted a lot of attention.

The fastest hit in the Major League last year was 121.2 miles (195.1 kilometers) recorded by Ronald Acuña Jr. (27).

In addition to the game on Saturday when he hit a home run, Lee has continued to have hits in four consecutive exhibition games. He had one hit and one walk against the Cleveland Guardians on Saturday.

In addition, Lee Jung-hoo is increasing his chances of succeeding in the Major League by not only making a hit that goes out of the infield but also making a hit like a clothesline.
Meanwhile, the highest-ranked player on the list was monster infielder Eli de la Cruz, who hit a 470-foot home run with a 111.7-mile batting speed.

In addition, left-handed starter Tarik Skubal, who threw a four-seam fastball of up to 99.6 miles and an average of 97 miles from the exhibition game, received the best evaluation.

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