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Baseball Winter Stove League

While Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, is attracting attention as the best place for winter sports training, the ‘2024 Soccer and Baseball Winter Stove League’ held in Gangneung is popular.According to Gangneung City on the 10th, Gangneung has a warm oceanic climate, beautiful natural scenery, and ample stadium facilities, so many teams from all over the country visit for winter and summer training.The ‘2024 Soccer/Baseball Stove League’, hosted and organized by Gangneung City, the National Sports Association, and the Siyagu Softball Association, starts with soccer in January and baseball games in February, where players compete to improve their skills.

Stove League refers to a period of strength reinforcement by strengthening players’ performance and discovering excellent players through autonomous training, leisure activities, rest, and recovery training for the next regular season.The Stove League held in Gangneung was designed to improve the skills of winter training teams, exchange with players from other regions, and secure human resources. The soccer stove league held last January was a success, with 6,400 players from 12 teams participating and providing an opportunity to improve physical strength and performance.6,700 players from 26 teams are participating in the baseball stove league held at Gangneung Namdaecheon Dunchi Baseball Stadium and Gangneung High School, which started on the 1st and runs until the 25th.

Until this Stove League, 38 middle and high school and general teams from all over the country and 13,000 people visited Gangneung for winter training.The city plans to continue hosting the Stove League competition based on excellent conditions such as sports facilities, lodging, transportation, and climate, and use it as an opportunity to revitalize the local economy in the new winter.In addition, we plan to plan a new marketing strategy called the Stove League method, which combines field training and sports competitions in the existing method of attracting single team training camps, and expand it to various popular sports.Jeong Yun-sik, head of the Physical Education Department, said, “We will promote the development of the local economy and establish an image as a sports city by actively promoting Gangneung as the best place for field training to the extent that the players 카지노사이트킹 who trained in Gangneung are satisfied.”

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