‘The fight for the third place for the championship is also a fierce battle’… The V-League women’s tournament is also in chaos

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea won a set score 3-0 (25-21, 25-21, 25-21) at home against GS Caltex in the fifth round of the 2023-2024 Dodram V-League held at the indoor gymnasium of Hwaseong Sports Town, Gyeonggi-do at 4 p.m. on the 18th.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea had 43 points (14 wins and 15 losses) to catch up with GS Caltex, which lost on the day, by a two-point margin. GS Caltex, which has lost three consecutive games, ranked fifth and ranked fourth with 45 points (16 wins and 13 losses).

It was a complete victory for IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, as evidenced by its set score. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea scored 23 points (60 percent attack success rate). Middle blocker Choi Jung-min scored 15 points (47.62% attack success rate) on the day, and five of them were blocked alone. He also made nine effective blocks.

On the other hand, GS Caltex employees showed the worst performance. Ace Giselle Silva scored 27 points (51.02% attack success rate), but both ball and ball were no match for IBK Industrial Bank. GS Caltex employees suffered from lack of attack power by an outsider heater, height of a middle blocker, and shaky setter, which have always been mentioned as problems with GS Caltex employees, but suffered a complete defeat in just one game. GS Caltex employees suffered a lethargic defeat without even playing properly.

As a result of the match, the mid-range fight is now in fog. The third-ranked team in the V-League will advance to the postseason. If the gap between the fourth and third-ranked teams is less than three points, the third-ranked team will have a single playoff.

Currently, all five teams in the V-League are engaged in a fierce battle except for Pepper Savings Bank, which is confirmed to be at the bottom, and Korea Expressway Corporation, which is likely to be ranked sixth.

The rankings are as follows. Hyundai E&C is leading the league with 67 points. Heungkuk Life Insurance (64 points) comes in second. Hyundai E&C continued to dominate throughout the season, but the game changed in the fifth round as Heungkuk Life Insurance won five consecutive games thanks to its new foreign player Willow Johnson.

On the other hand, Hyundai Engineering & Construction slowed down a bit in the fifth round with three wins and two losses. In particular, in the showdown with Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 12th, they suffered a shocking 0-3 defeat. From Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s point of view, the nightmare of slipping at the end of last year’s league lead is likely to come to mind again. The regular league championship is expected to be down to one of the two teams.

Currently, the third place in the league is the chairman of the articles of association with 47 points. GS Caltex (45 points) and IBK Industrial Bank (43 points). With seven more games to go until the end of the regular season, the rankings may change significantly.

As of the end of the third round, Chung finished fifth. However, when Lee returned to the fourth round, he formed a triangle formation consisting of Lee So-young, Megawatti Puttywi and Giovanna Milana, which instantly elevated his ranking. Also, Chung has a national middle blocker named Jeong Ho-young and Park Eun-jin. Considering his performance so far, Chung has the highest chance of ranking third.

GS Caltex, ranked fourth, is currently the worst performing team among the teams engaged in a mid-range fight. As revealed in the game, there are a number of problems. In addition, GS Caltex manager Cha Sang-hyun left the game due to elbow surgery, facing unfavorable external conditions. Against this backdrop, GS Caltex will hold a six-point game with Chung Kwan-jang on the 21st. Depending on the result of the game on the 21st, it will be clear whether GS Caltex will advance to this season’s spring volleyball tournament.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, ranked fifth and the last mid-ranking competitor, revived hope by winning the match. Middle blocker Kim Hyun-jung has shown good performances recently, forming a solid middle ground with Choi Jung-min. Abercrombie, the No. 1 player in the foreign player draft, and Ponfun Gedfard, the No. 1 player in the Asian quarter, are both undefeated. If Pyo Seung-joo and Hwang Min-kyung ease Abercrombie’s burden on offense, they will be able to advance to the postseason.

The end of the regular season is just around the corner, but the current women’s team in the V-League is chaotic. The exciting ranking battle is expected to heat up the volleyball court at the end of the season.

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