Novomatic, Paris Max To Develop Historic Horse Racing Game

Novomatic AG, an Austrian-based game equipment manufacturer and operator, says it has teamed up with PariMax to jointly develop a historic horse racing game product.

PariMAX is a technology provider for the horse racing and wearing industries that uses its parent company’s “AmTote pari-mutuel technology.” It is a subsidiary of 1/ST Technology, a wholly owned company of The Stronach Group, based in the United States.

“This partnership will bring Novomatic’s title portfolio to the new market for PariMAX’s historic horse racing platform,” Novomatic’s Monday press release said.

“Novomatic and Parimax also aim to leverage Novomatic’s extensive worldwide production facilities and distribution channels to pursue other markets outside the United States based on regulatory, technological and commercial feasibility.”

The announcement quoted Novomatic America CEO Rick Meitzler as saying the partnership will allow the group to “not only open new markets, but also grow” its operations in the sector.

“We are excited to partner with Parismax to offer game libraries to new customers through our historic horse racing platform,” he added.

1/ST Technology CEO Paul Williams said in prepared remarks that the partnership “will provide some attractive new products for overseas and domestic historic horse racing.”

Mr Williams added: “Together, we can continue to prove that with full Parisian mutual wear and horse racing content, we can succeed in growing the market for the benefit of the horse racing industry.”.

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