The handsome Hapcheon, led by veteran Won Seong-jin (38), 9th dan, as captain, took the sole lead in the KB Baduk League.Beautiful Hapcheon won 3-1 over Baduk Mecca Uijeongbu in the 4th game of the 3rd round of the 2023-2024 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League held at the Baduk TV Studio in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu on the afternoon of the 14th.In the first match on this day, Uijeongbu’s captain Kim Myeong-hoon, 9th dan, defeated Hapcheon’s 9th dan Han Woo-jin and took the lead.

However, in Hapcheon, Won Seong-jin defeated 9-dan Lee Won-young in the 2nd country to balance the game, and then in the 3rd and 4th countries, 8-dan Tae-hee Han and 8-dan Ji-hoon Song defeated Uijeongbu’s 8-dan Park Geon-ho and 6-dan Park Jae-geun, respectively, to win 3-1. At the end of the third round, Hapcheon, where Won Seong-jin won three games in a row, took the lead with all three wins along with Wonik.

Both teams had the same number of team points, team wins, individual wins, and first-place designation wins, but Hapcheon took sole first place, one win ahead of the second-place designation number of wins.Korea Price Information and Kixx were in the middle rank with 2 wins and 1 loss, and Jeonggwan Jangcheonnok and Ulsan Korea Zinc had 1 win and 2 losses.Uijeongbu and Mahan’s Heart Yeongam, who had lost three times in a row since the opening, fell to the bottom of the rankings.

In terms of individual wins, Shin Jin-seo 9-dan, captain of the Kicks, who added 2 wins in the ace match, took first place with all 5 wins, and 9-dan Byun Sang-il of Jeonggwan Jang Cheon-nok followed behind with 4 wins and 1 loss.

In the first game of the 4th round of the regular league held on the 18th, the 1st place team Hapcheon and the Kicks led by Shin Jin-seo will face off, attracting attention.On the 19th, Yeongam and Uijeongbu compete to get out of last place, followed by Jeonggwan Jangcheonnok and Wonik on the 20th, and Korea Price Information and Korea Zinc on the 21st.

In the KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League, where 8 teams compete in a double league for a total of 14 rounds to determine regular league rankings, the top 4 teams go through a step-ladder postseason to determine the final winner.The prize money is 250 million won for the winner, 100 million won for the runner-up, 60 million won for the third place, and 30 million won for the fourth place.In addition, depending on the win or loss of each regular season game, 14 million won will be paid to the winning team and 토토 7 million won to the losing team.

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