Okada Manila Expands Marketing, Eyes Overseas Customers

Japanese gaming giant Universal Entertainment said its Okada Manila Casino Resort (pictured) in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, will expand its marketing efforts to attract customers from other parts of Asia.

Universal Entertainment is the parent of Tiger Resort, Leisure and Entertainment Inc., the latter being the promoter of Okada Manila.

In its second-quarter earnings report, Universal Entertainment noted that Okada Manila is currently pursuing an “Okada Manila Go” marketing campaign. According to the company, the activity offers every “gaming member” of the complex a weekly lottery in the Philippines to receive travel packages, including round-trip Manila tickets and free hotel stays.

“The campaign is currently only in the Philippines but is expected to expand to include game members from other countries,” the parent company said on Wednesday.

“In order to attract more foreign tourists, we will also increase our marketing activities in several Asian countries,” the company said. The campaign added, “It is also aimed at raising awareness of the Okada Manila brand in the Philippines and other countries.”

The company also said it expects the recovery in foreign visitor volumes to the Philippines “to continue in 2023 as the pandemic’s impact on travel and other activities decreases.”

Okada Manila Resort’s total gaming revenue (GGR) for the second quarter fell 2.4 percent in a row, slightly above the 11.29 billion PHP (currently $20.3 million). Universal Entertainment said in its preliminary results released in July that its GGR performance for the second quarter was up 36.1 percent year-over-year.

In the second quarter of this year, the property’s adjusted earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) fell 7.8% from the first three months to 3.07 billion PHP. EBITDA for this second quarter appears to be up 39.9% year over year.

In a filing on Wednesday, Universal Entertainment said its “one priority” for the Manila property was to “increase the size of online games that can be played within the Philippines” to “continue to attract a wider range of local visitors in the gaming business.”

“These activities are steadily increasing the demand for gaming outside of Luzon Island, where Manila is located,” the parent company said.

Okada Manila Resort began offering online games to domestic customers in April last year under the Philippine Inland Game Operator (PIGO) licensing system.

During the pandemic, the defendant’s business was described as a “growing market” as COVID-19-related restrictions prevented Philippine players from visiting casinos. The defendant’s game must be connected to an actual game console located within the stadium.

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