Hyundai Engineering & Construction, No. 1 in women’s volleyball, said, “A coach like a father, a sister like a friend.”

Women’s Volleyball Hyundai Engineering & Construction is a team that firmly maintains first place, breaking the expectations of ‘Oh Woo-heung’ (Heungkuk Life Insurance will win anyway) even after the league has reached its halfway point.Hyundai Engineering & Construction won 3-0 in the Jeonggwanjang match held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 14th, and won 5 consecutive games with a 4th round win streak.Their win-loss record is the same as Heungkuk Life Insurance, with 18 wins and 5 losses, but they are far ahead in points, 55 to 50.

Lee Da-hyun (22), a built-in middle blocker for Hyundai Engineering & Construction who is also active as a member of the national team, cited ‘horizontal relationships’ as the secret.Lee Da-hyun, who scored 11 points including 3 blocking points in Jeonggwanjangjeon, said after the game, “Jeongkwanjang is a team with good offense, so I thought that if they caught a block or made an effective block, their momentum would be lost.” “We paid close attention and adjusted our positions in advance with defenders and combinations for each opposing attacker,” he explained.The important thing is that the players first prepared through conversation with each other.

Lee Da-hyeon said, “The preparation process for the game is done really well. Of the seven players playing in the game, more than half are young players. The sisters ask questions so that they can express their opinions in a horizontal relationship like friends,” and added, “Thanks to this system, communication goes well. “He introduced.Coach Kang Seong-hyung is also a leader who maintains a smooth relationship with the players.It is famous for being so informal that the players would high-five the coach with all their might as if they were hitting a spike.Lee Da-hyun said, “I think the reason this relationship was created was because of the director,” and defined, “If he cut us off in an authoritative way, we wouldn’t be able to talk, but he asks our opinion. The director is like a friend and father.”

So, Lee Da-hyun confidently said that Hyundai Engineering & Construction is currently at its best in history.He said, “This year’s atmosphere is the best since I joined,” and “I’m lucky to be able to play in this team atmosphere.”Hyundai Engineering & Construction is very determined to engrave the ‘third star’ on its uniform this season. The 2019-2020 season, when they were overwhelmingly leading the league, ended in first place in the regular league due to the playoffs not being held in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), and the same thing was repeated in the 2021-2022 season.

Lee Da-hyun said, “Maybe that’s why I was anxious when the winning streak was broken until last year. And even though I was in first place, I felt uninspired and the current ranking was not important. I think that if you are chased by the leaderboard, your heart is also chased.” “He confessed.Suwon Gymnasium, where the game was held on this day, sold all 3,831 seats, making it the 9th professional volleyball event to be sold out this season.As for Suwon Gymnasium, this is the first time this season.

Lee Da-hyun said, “I was excited because I heard before the game that it was sold out. I thought I was jealous when I saw the Incheon (Heungkuk Life Insurance) game was full. So I wondered why you didn’t come to Suwon.” He added, “It’s the weekend today, and there’s a fan signing event, so a lot of people came. “It was really good. I get excited when a lot of spectators come,” 카지노사이트킹 he said, expressing his gratitude.

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