Captain No. 3 from the club’s youth, difficulty renewing his contract with Chelsea… The reason is that he wants to increase ‘weekly’ → three times

Britain’s Tribuna said on the 29th (Korea time), “There is a reason why there is no progress in negotiating the renewal of contract between Connor Gallagher and Chelsea.”

Gallagher is a young midfielder born in 2000 and has grown up in Chelsea’s youth team since 2008. Since 2019, he has been on loan with Charlton Athletic, Swansea City, West Bromwich Albion and Crystal Palace, and returned to Chelsea after popping his talents at Palace.

In the early 2023-2024 season, Gallagher started almost every game when most of Chelsea’s midfield resources were injured. In the process, the shortcomings were revealed first, but when he played in a slightly higher attacking midfielder position, he gradually showed his strengths and improved.

Former Chelsea youth Gallagher is Chelsea’s third captain this season, but negotiations for renewal of his contract have made little progress. Gallagher and Chelsea have a contract period until the summer of 2025.

“Gallagher has a little more than a year left before his contract expires, but there is little talk of a new contract,” the media said, adding, “He may leave Chelsea in the summer transfer market.”

In fact, Gallagher has been rumored to be moving from this winter’s transfer market, and there have been several reports that Tottenham Hotspur, based in London, is the most active.

Tribuna said, “It would be beneficial if Chelsea sold Gallagher. In terms of financial fair play (FFP) for Chelsea.”

Citing soccer journalist Ben Jacobs, the media outlet explained, “Gallagher wants at least £150,000 (W250 million) a week, but Chelsea is not ready to pay for it. He is currently receiving £50,000 (W85 million).”

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