World Class centre-back Munich dropped to 3 options, which was more frustrating and frustrating.


Britain’s Daily Mail said on the 23rd, “Is there a problem in Munich?” Matthias de Licht started on the bench for all four games of the German Bundesliga this season. He pointed out that he did not play in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) Manchester United match. 안전놀이터

“Germany’s ‘Bild’ said De Licht is getting more and more annoyed and his frustration has grown since the match against Manchester United.” He was usually friendly, but he disappeared at the Allianz Arena after the end of the game without mentioning victory. De Licht, who was injured during the pre-season, is playing a role in assisting newly recruited Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano,” he explained.

Munich gave up only four runs in four league games. But it didn’t look very solid against Manchester United. Relations between De Licht and Thomas Tuchel are freezing. Tuchel said, ‘The Licht deserves to play 100%. I’m in good shape. He is a team player even though he lacks playing time. Everyone should always be prepared. I haven’t been able to talk to Der Licht clearly, but I don’t have to,’ he added.

In the 2018-19 season, de licht received worldwide attention by advancing to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) semifinals with Ajax. The next stage was Italy. In 2019, Juventus invested a huge amount of 85.5 million euros (about KRW 121.6 billion) to recruit De Licht.

In the early days of the transfer, there were criticisms that the performance was below expectations, but The Licht continued to grow noticeably among legends such as Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci. After gradually increasing his playing time, he emerged as a key resource and took charge of Juventus’ goal.

Next, he headed to the German Bundesliga. Last year, he joined hands with Mega Club Munich to continue his company. However, his playing time has dropped sharply recently. Kim Min-jae, who suffered from injuries during the pre-season, is being trusted by Tuchel. Bild expressed concern that the normally gentle Diricht was frustrated and that his dissatisfaction was growing.

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