Tottenham Lose 1-2 To Aston Villa → 3 Consecutive Losses + 5th Place Drop

Tottenham led the match against Aston Villa in the 13th round of the 2023/24 season Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 26th with Giovanni Rossellso’s first goal in the 22nd minute of the first half, but lost 1-2 after conceding two goals. 메이저사이트

As Tottenham failed to keep the lead and lost, it maintained 26 points 8 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses and fell to fifth place. Before the game, Tottenham’s fourth-place position was taken by Villa 28 points, 9 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, who took 3 points.

Tottenham, which had remained in the lead with an unbeaten 10-game run since the opening of the season, was in desperate need of a turnaround in the atmosphere as it lost both games, including Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers, due to a series of injuries, but failed to keep its lead once again, falling into a three-game losing streak. In particular, Tottenham captain Son Heung-min had to swallow tears as all of them were canceled offside despite shaking the net three times.

Home team Tottenham showed the 4-2-3-1 model. Guglielmo Vicario defended the goal, while Destiny Udogi, Ben Davies, Emerson Royal and Pedro Pororo made up the back four.

The third term was played by Giovanni Rosselso and Rodrigo Bentancur, and the second term was played by Brennan Johnson, Dejan Kulusevski and Brian Hill. Son Heung-min was named as the front-line one-top.

Villa, the visiting team, faced off 4-4-2. Emiliano Martinez wore goalkeeper gloves, while Luca Digne, Pau Torres, DiGu Carlos and Ezri Konsa formed the back four. John McGinn, Douglas Luiz, Bubakar Kamara and Matty Cash were deployed in the midfield, and Ollie Watkins and Moussa Diaby aimed for Tottenham’s goal at the front line.

Currently, Tottenham is unable to use all of its main center backs. Mickey Pantherpen, the main defender, is out of power due to a ruptured hamstring. Vice-captain Christian Romero, who was suspended for three games after being sent off directly against Chelsea, will not play one more game, including against Villa.

There are only two first-team center backs left, Eric Dier and Ben Davies, but Tottenham brought Dier down to the bench against Villa and threw a match-winner with Royal, the fullback, as the center back. This shows Postecoglou’s assessment of Dyer, who started against Wolverhampton last time, but failed to prevent a 1-2 come-from-behind defeat when he gave up two goals at the end of the second half.

In the midfield, Tottenham playmaker James Maddison was left out with an ankle injury, and Yves Bissouma was suspended for one game as he had five yellow cards this season due to a warning against Wolverhampton. Ahead of the game, 21-year-old Senegal midfielder Papesardo, who is playing in all league games since the opening, was also confirmed to have been injured and was excluded from the starting lineup.

All three of Tottenham’s main midfielders were absent this season, but fortunately, Uruguay’s midfielder Bentancur returned, which helped. Bentancur, who was ruled out for the season in February due to a ruptured cruciate ligament in his left knee, recently made a comeback and joined the Uruguayan national team during the A-match period to raise his sense of play by playing the starting game. Tottenham took a breather with the return of Bentancur, who played as Tottenham’s main midfielder before suffering a long-term injury amid the collapse of the midfield due to injury and disciplinary action.

Tottenham’s front-line position was taken by captain Son Heung-min, and Johnson, Kulusevski and 22-year-old Spanish winger Hill were placed in the second line. Ivan Perisic, Manor Solomon and Hisharlisson were all injured, leaving a gap in the offense, leaving Hill to play his first start of the season.

Prior to the start of the game, a memorial event was held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. A few hours before the start of the game, it was reported that Terry Venables, a former Tottenham player and former coach, died at the age of 80. Born in 1943 in England, Venables joined Tottenham in 1966 as a player and played 115 games in three years. In particular, he won the 1966/67 FA Cup, beating Chelsea in his debut season.

Venables, who turned into a leader after retiring from active duty, gave the club the league trophy for the first time in 11 years as Spain’s prestigious Barcelona coach ahead of the 1984/85 season, bringing the team to the top of La Liga. Having led Barcelona for three years, he has been the head coach of his former team, Tottenham, since 1987.

Venables, who succeeded in winning the FA Cup at Tottenham when he was an active player, also lifted the FA Cup trophy as a coach. In the 1990/91 season, Tottenham won their eighth FA Cup under Venables, and since then Tottenham has never reached the top of the FA Cup.

The kickoff whistle went off. In the 3rd minute of the first half, Tottenham had a series of very good first goal opportunities, but all of them were unlucky and did not lead to a goal. First, left-back Udo-ki, who came up to a high position, caught a long pass from the back and faced a scoring opportunity, but the shot floated into the air, leading to Villa’s goal kick. Udo-ki, who missed a decisive first goal opportunity, couldn’t hide his regret as he hit the ground with his hands.

Immediately, Tottenham got their second chance with Son Heung-min’s pass and Kulusevski’s move. Tottenham regained possession with forward pressure, and Son Heung-min scored a good pass in front of Kulusevski, who penetrated forward. Kulusevski, who received the pass, calmly beat a defender and created a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper.

Fans watching the game had no doubt that Kulusevski would score, but they were not lucky. Kulusevski hit the goal post, a shot he kicked, and it didn’t lead to a goal. If it led to the goal, it was recorded as Son Heung-min’s second help of the season, so domestic soccer fans couldn’t help but sigh.

Villa, who passed Tottenham’s onslaught well from the beginning of the game, also produced a threatening scene in the set-piece situation in the 5th minute of the first half. Digne’s cross from the left was scored by center back Torres, who beat Mark and attempted a free header on his head, which left Tottenham bloodied as the shot narrowly passed by the net.

In the 7th minute of the first half, Kulusevski, who had missed a perfect scoring opportunity earlier, made a good attack opportunity with a back heel pass that caught him off guard.

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