“The thrill of passing the ball”…a sandlot battle of the ladies

You can’t stay down, (the opponent) can only catch you!”
With their right shoulders facing each other and breathing heavily, the coach watched the dreamless player. Suddenly, the hand clutching his opponent’s grip tightens, lifting him up and slamming him into the sand.

A short “ouch!” and a round of applause erupted from the stands as the impact sent a spray of sand onto the field.
On the 9th, 680 men, women, and children from all over the country gathered at the Goseong-gun Sports Center in Gyeongnam.

The ‘Presidential Boat National Wrestling Championships’, now in its 34th year, is a festival for those who enjoy wrestling as a daily sport.

Only amateur wrestlers who have never been registered with the Korea Wrestling Association can participate, but even their posture cannot be amateurish.
In particular, the women’s competition is the gateway to becoming a professional wrestler.

Compared to the men’s division, which has an established elite course, the women’s division has very few specialized training institutions and a thin player base.

Noh Eun-soo, 43, the winner of last year’s competition in the plum weight class (under 60 kilograms), and Yoon Hee-jun, 24, the runner-up, joined unemployment teams and became full-time wrestlers.

They took up wrestling as a hobby, regardless of their profession or age, and were fascinated by “

the taste of joy when they pinned their opponents,” and heated up the damp sand of Goseong Castle.
A battle between a 40-year-old veteran and a 20-something youngster
The final of the women’s mugunghwa class (under 80 kilograms) was a match between a 40-year-old master and a 20-year-old fighter.

Two of the four semifinalists in the 29-person field were in their 40s (Yeon Yeon-jung 40 and Nam Hye-jung 43).

Both had been wrestling as a hobby for five years.

Ye Yeon-jung was prevented from advancing to the final by Kang Yoon-ji (22),

who had won first place at this year’s National Life Sports Daejangsa Wrestling Competition, while Nam Hye-jung defeated Myung Ji-woo (21) to reach the final. 카지노사이트가이드
The final was a fast-paced affair.

As soon as the whistle blew, Nam Hye-jung used her signature pushing technique to put pressure on Kang Yoon-ji.

Kang took a step back, grabbed her opponent’s raised upper body, spun her around twice, shook her center, and used centrifugal force to win the first game.

The match lasted just six seconds.

Her strategy worked as she recognized Nam’s intention to end the match quickly to overcome her physical disadvantage.

In the second game, Kang Yoon-ji sealed the victory with a five-second push that sent Nam Hye-jung tumbling to the ground.
The winner, Yunji Kang, has been wrestling for less than a year,

but he has used his experience in judo at the age of 15 to become a dark horse in the sport.

“Wrestling is a sport where you lose and you win. It’s scary to start, but once you get into it, you’re hooked,” he says.

He got interested in wrestling after watching a YouTube video and hopes to play for the unemployment team after graduation.
“I’m happy even if I come in second”
The final of the plum class (60 kilograms or less)

was a duel between two university students the same age who finished second and third in the last Gurye Women’s Cheonha Jangsa Competition.

The first round was won by Kim Bomi (23), who fought back by withstanding Kim Soo-hyun’s (23

) field leg kick (a technique that involves hooking the outside leg to cause a fall).

Kim was caught in a shove in the second game that cost her the match,

but she avenged her defeat in the third game by executing her signature front knee strike

(a technique in which she grabs her opponent’s knee with her right hand and turns them around).

It was a hard-fought match that came down to the third period, but once the game was decided,

both fighters dusted themselves off and encouraged each other.
Both are hoping to join the unemployment team, so they’re bound to be sensitive to the outcome of the match,

but the second-place finisher was all smiles as he walked off the field.

“I think I did well enough for second place, and I’m satisfied,” he said.

That’s why my nickname is ‘Lee Dong-man’,” he said.

“It’s more fun than you think, but you don’t realize it until you try it,” said Kim Bomi,

who won the last tournament of the year, recommending wrestling to those around her who are hesitant to step onto the sand.

“Once you realize the feeling of elation when you’ve beaten your opponent like you thought you would,

you can’t help but keep going.”

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