Professional baseball KIA Lee Ui-ri, Jeong Hae-young, and Yoon Young-cheol welcome the New Year in the United States

Five key pitchers of the professional baseball KIA Tigers welcome the new year by training in the United States.The KIA team announced on the 17th that it would send five pitchers, Lee Ui-ri, Yoon Young-cheol, Jeong Hae-young, Hwang Dong-ha, and Kwak Do-gyu, as well as pitching coaches Jeong Jae-hoon and Dong-geol Lee, to the Driveline Baseball Center, a state-of-the-art training facility located in Kent, outside of Seattle, Washington.

They will leave for the United States on the 18th and sweat hard for 34 days until January 20th of next year.The KIA club explained that it is focusing on increasing the pitcher’s velocity and improving pitch through customized training, and acquiring coaching programs from coaches that include biomechanics.On the first day, a customized training program for each player will be designed based on biomechanical motion capture and physical strength measurement results, and the two pitching coaches and the power planning team’s data analyst will apply the player-specific data obtained from this program to 토토 spring camp and domestic training in various ways. am.

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