One Photo in the Morning Russians Health Secrets

It is time to look at the meaning of the moment captured in the lens

This is a photo chosen by the photographer in the morning. 

Today we are with Chosun Ilbo photo department reporter Lee Tae-kyung. hello? What photo do you want to see today?

When the weather gets cold, we become less active and withdrawn. 

Every year, people swim in icy water in sub-zero temperatures.

 Let’s take a look at the scene and photos. Russia is a country with an unusually long winter. It is said that one of the Russians’ health secrets is swimming in icy water. 바카라사이트닷컴

 Just as in Korea there is an early soccer club in every neighborhood, in Russia there is an ice swimming club in each region.

 It is said that the temperature on this day was around -35 degrees Celsius. People who visit the ice pool seem to enjoy the cold.

It doesn’t seem easy to hastily challenge the cold of minus 35 degrees. I guess not only Russians do this ice-water swimming?

That’s right. Russians aren’t the only ones who break the ice and swim in winter. 

Chinese swimming enthusiasts are also preparing for winter swimming. This is Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. 

Two men in swimsuits are clearing ice from what will become their winter swimming pool. 

Take a dip in the cold, icy water and swim leisurely. It is said that when you come out of a bath in cold water,

your circulatory system becomes more active and your body becomes warmer and more energized.

I hope we all have a winter where we don’t get cold like the people in the photo. So far this has been one in the morning.

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