Its Badminton Player Choi Sol-gyu is Excluded from National Team

It was belatedly revealed that Choi Sol-gyu (28, Yonex)

the silver medalist in badminton men’s doubles at the Hangzhou Asian Games

had been subject to disciplinary proceedings for leaving national team training without permission after drinking.

Choi Sol-gyu has not been able to participate in international competitions since the Asian Games, and his family is protesting that he is “being unfairly excluded from the national team.” 카지노사이트

According to our report on the 5th, Choi Sol-gyu drank alcohol during the BWF (Badminton World Federation) World Tour Korea Open held in Yeosu

Jeollanam-do in July, did not attend national team training the next day, and brought his girlfriend to the national team’s lodgings.

This was caught. Choi Sol-gyu said at the time

I drank because I was upset that my doubles partner Kim Won-ho was injured and could not play in the competition,” and “regardless of the reason

it was my fault for missing training.

The Korea Badminton Association’s Performance Improvement Committee tried to immediately impose disciplinary action on Choi Sol-gyu, but decided to give him a chance until the Asian Games and postponed the disciplinary process. However, he was excluded from training at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village.

Choi Sol-gyu teamed up with Kim Won-ho to win a silver medal at the Asian Games.

Last October, the Performance Improvement Committee decided to suspend him for two years

but accepted the argument that the level was excessive and decided to reconsider without actually making a decision.

Afterwards, Choi Sol-gyu announced his intention to “retire from the national team without playing in next year’s national team selection match scheduled at the end of the year,” and the association explained that it judged that the effectiveness of his disciplinary action had disappeared and did not reconsider.

However, Choi Sol-gyu has not yet submitted his official retirement application to the association, and his family has criticized the association and national team’s actions against Choi Sol-gyu through online communities. 

The family said, “It was not a failure to attend training, but rather being late, and although it was a mistake

other players who were also late or did not attend at all were not subject to disciplinary action,” and added

The national team leaders threatened and ostracized Choi Sol-gyu.

He claimed, “Although he was not disciplined in the end, the association is urging him to retire.”

Regarding this, an association official said, “Instead of being kicked out through disciplinary action

we were considering it so that he could end on a good note by retiring on his own, and he agreed to it.

I don’t understand why the family is making such a claim,” he said.

It may be a dissatisfying situation for the family, but Choi Sol-gyu had other violations of regulations in addition to not attending training.”

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