‘Finishing weakness’ compensated for, Kim Eun-ji to overcome ‘mountain’ of Choi Jeong-jeong in pre-existing books

Absolute dominance in the early to mid game. However, it is unclear whether the dominance will continue until the endgame.
That’s how go fans look at 8th dan Kim Eun-ji, the next big thing in women’s go.
Kim Eun-ji turned the tide of the 7th Hae-Sung Women’s Go Finals with a 231-point victory over Choi Jeong-nin in Game 3, Day 2, at the Go TV Studio in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, on April 18. With the comeback victory, Kim Eun-ji will play the final three games on the evening of the 19th.
A victory for the South Korean women’s No. 2 would be the first time Choi has won a tournament in which she has competed.

It would end Choi’s decade-long reign at the top of the women’s game.
Kim held a metallurgical advantage in the early to midgame, leading by around eight moves through early and midgame AI measurements.
After the midgame, however, she was exposed by Choi’s sharp attacks in the centergame, and the gap nearly disappeared when she lost a Yotzer towards the endgame.

If Choi Jung had responded correctly in the final endgame, it could have been a half-game.
Commentator Song Tae-gon said, “If Choi Jung 9th dan had responded correctly to Kim Eun-ji 8th dan’s bima move, it would have been a half-point difference.

In that case, it would have been difficult to predict the outcome.”
In the first game, Kim Eun-ji seemed to have the upper hand in the early and midgame, but faltered in the late game.

In the second game, she maintained her dominance until the very end with relatively stable footing, but she also showed signs of insecurity.
In a postgame interview, Kim said, “I didn’t have a plan, but after watching the game, I realized that Go was good, so I let it go.

I thought it would be tough, but I gained the upper hand as I scored on the top side,” she reflected. ” 카지노사이트가이드

I always have the attitude of learning,” she said of Choi Jung.
Kim recently defeated China’s No. 1 Wu Zhiying 8 in the Chinese League, and her confidence was boosted by her victory over the world’s top player.

She also improved her head-to-head record against Choi to 3-13, and is becoming more comfortable with her finishing.
However, Choi is a “big mountain” as she seeks to win her second consecutive women’s title and fifth overall.

Moreover, Choi is well aware of the importance of this tournament.

Although she is still in the final three of the women’s noodle competition this week with Kim Chae-young 8th dan, Choi has been preparing for the Women’s Kisheng since winning the Oh Cheong Won-bae.
All eyes are on the final three countries in the women’s chess tournament for the strongest female chess players in the new and old world.

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