A Signer-Jang Ga-yeon’ Even Though we Are 40 Years Apart

The domestic professional billiards tour has the world’s only team league.

the scene where the world’s best male professional billiards player was playing as a teammate with a female player who was 40 years younger than him.

Signer completing a 5-point high run with a three-cushion push.

The five cushion calculated up to the next position is also accurately succeede

Signer, who is called ‘Turkiye Magician’ and ‘Mr. Magic’ because of his ability to hit the art ball, is 59 years old this year. 먹튀검증사이트

He is the first player on the PBA Tour to win his debut game and the 2003 World 3-Cushion Championship

. He is the first player to win his debut game on the PBA Tour and is a veteran who won the 2003 World 3-Cushion Championship, and is the oldest player in the team league.

Jang Ga-yeon, a ‘super rookie’ who was born in 2004 and is 19 years old this year, accurately succeeds in the difficult challenge.

It was a great shot that made fellow Signers and Palazons smile brightly.

They have a winning record, but since this is their first season working together, their skills have not translated into results yet.

[Semi Signer / Huons (PBA Tour 1st win): I didn’t run 10,000 kilometers to lose the game. I’m here to win. Unlike individual matches, team league games are short, and even if one player does well, the other player can lose if the other player is not easy, so it is not easy.]

At the practice range, when Jang Ga-yeon asked that it was not easy to control the thickness of the ball from a distance, the signer had to adjust the wrong aim according to the spin amount. I answer that I do.

As Signer said, he smiles brightly when he hits the ball perfectly.

[Semi Signer / Huons (PBA Tour 1st win): If you look at history, billiards was the exclusive domain of men. But when I came here, I saw that the female players were very good at the game, so I would be very happy if I could teach them something.]

[Jang Ga-yeon / Huons: After the team league is over, I have learned a lot this time, so I plan to focus on that and practice. (While playing in the team league) I think the average has increased by about 0.1.]

A veteran who is raising the level of the professional billiards stage by sharing his skills and knowledge with his colleagues.

Will both players prove that age is just a number by winning the team league? The final five rounds of the team league will be held in January next year.

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