.13 years in the game

The first female referee in English professional soccer’s Premier League (EPL) is set to officiate a game.
“Rebecca Welch (England) will officiate at the Fulham-Burnley game on Sunday, the first woman to officiate in a Premier League match,” the Associated Press reported on Friday.

It will be the first female referee in Premier League history.”
Rebecca Welch was born in 1983 and began refereeing soccer in 2010.

She was the first woman to officiate in English professional soccer’s second division and the English Football Association (FA) Cup.

Last month, she became the first female assistant referee in the Premier League for a match between Manchester United and Fulham. 호텔카지노
The number of female referees in world soccer is growing.

The German Bundesliga had its first female referee in 2017, and the FIFA Men’s World Cup saw Stephanie Frappard (France) officiate at last year’s World Cup in Qatar between Germany and Costa Rica.
However, there are concerns that some spectator attitudes are not yet mature enough for such a change.
At a match between Birmingham City and Sheffield Wednesday in the second tier of English professional soccer, which Welch officiated on March 26, two 17-year-old fans were arrested for public disorder after singing misogynistic songs towards her.

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